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Hello lovely people! Super excited to start sharing some shots from my weekend in Monaco.
It went by like a whirlwind and before I knew it I found myself eating pizza on my good ol’
couch at home in Amsterdam again. Being in Monaco during the F1 weekend was so surreal,
I literally had to pinch myself when we were driving to the event we were attending on
Saturday night. I was wearing an amazing Elisabetta Franchi dress of which you will see a lot
of pictures very soon ;-). We were invited for a special dinner and we were overlooking all the
yachts in the sea, the view was amazing. On Saturday we decided to take a little hour off and
walked around Monte Carlo. All of the houses were so so pretty, it was basically Instagram/
Pinterest heaven! I think I have about 60 random shots of houses on my Iphone. When we
were walking around we came across this parking lot where apparently a lot of amazing vintage
cars were parked. I’m not a car freak, I failed my drivers license test so many times that I decided
to just be anti cars in general, so I wasn’t car struck like my boyfriend. But I hope you all like
these shots! There’s just such a glamorous vibe to the south of France that is unlike anything,
I can’t wait to be back. How was your weekend? I’d love to hear about it! Big kiss, N.

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Suit: Asos Shoes: Guess Jewelry: Hermes


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