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Hello hello everyone! I’ve always been an unorganized mess, there’s no denying in that. Until a
certain age, let’s say 21, I could get away with it but once you’re growing into real adulthood it’s
necessary to develop some skills in this department. I like making lists, I like organizing, but
honestly, when it comes to it, I never actually finish what’s on my to do lists and I never really
organize my stuff. I do really like buying notebooks though. In my defense, I travel a lot, I actually
still have to unpack my suitcase now from Monaco and dear god, my closet.. Well let’s just leave it
there. But guys I’m fed up with myself! So today I decided that I’m going to write a post with
organization tips, because if I need it, I bet a lot of other people would appreciate it too. I’ve been
watching some YouTube videos about organizing (I’m a sucker for anything tutorial related and
can literally lose myself here for hours, goodbye to do list) and I’ve been roaming around the web
looking for advice. So let me share with you the things I found most useful and I’m going to
implement in my routine:

1. Always write a verb before every sentence on your to-do list.

I always used to make lists and write down stuff like ‘promo Sander’, ‘laundry’ or ‘Vodafone’. All of
these things were just not very inspiring to complete this way so in a YouTube tutorial I watched I
got told to write a verb before every item on your to-do list. I’ve been doing this for the past week
and it really helps me. For instance, I would write ‘edit 6 pictures for tomorrow’s post, or ‘post
picture to Facebook at 1′. This way it’s easier to get it clear what it is you need to do.

2. Reward yourself after finishing an item.

I think we get trained since childhood to react to the reward system. For me, this is still something
that gets me through the day from time to time. Now I understand this may sound silly to some but
I personally really enjoy highlighting stuff that I’ve finished. This is my reward. Hmm, maybe it’s
dumb but it works for me.

organization tips

3. Make a printout sheet of daily to do’s.

In every job there are things we always have to do. For me this is something like posting my
blog updates to Facebook or to at least work through 40 e-mails before noon for both my jobs. It’s
nice if you develop a cute print out sheet which you can hang somewhere around your workspace.
I found a nice one no Pinterest for blogging, I think this one might be helpful for a lot of bloggers!

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 01_Fotor

Now when it comes to organization I haven’t figured everything out just yet. But so far, this is what
I’m planning on doing and what sounds good to me.

1. Make an inspiration board of how you want your house to look like.

To me, this is honestly the thing that works best. When I go through home inspiration boards on
Pinterest I always feel a desperate urge to organize myself.

organization tips3

2. Keep the benefits in mind.

We all want to be successful in life and I believe that an organized home goes together with an
organized mind. When my house is tidy and organized I sleep better, I’m more motivated to start
working the next day and I notice I work harder because I have no distractions surrounding me and
no thoughts like ‘oh I still have to clean up the bedroom, or I have to go through all my mail.

3. Make realistic plannings for long term projects.

This one is still very hard for me but it’s very important to be realistic about your plannings. In my
time schedule I give myself an hour to do a project that lasts three hours and I can write things on
my lists like ‘redecorate roof terrace’. Well obviously time told me this is not how it works. Right now
I have a big weekly planner on my desk and I try to give myself an hour every day to work on long term
projects. If you don’t do this, these projects will most likely fail. My boyfriend always tells me about the
5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, and hey, I think he’s right.

Now guys, if you have ANYTHING to add to this list, I would be so happy to know because I really want
to make a change in my life when it comes to the above. Big kiss, N.

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