Hey hey there! Happy Saturday! I’ve been wanting to do this post for so long and finally got
around to taking pictures yesterday. Well actually, I cleaned out my bag yesterday so I didn’t
felt ashamed to do this post. Honestly, I switch bags all the time and throw stuff in and out
of every bag continuously. I wouldn’t say my bags are tidy and organized, especially my big
Louis Vuitton handbag is super messy. But what’s better to do on Saturday than getting
organized? I feel like I talk a lot about organization at the moment but it’s super challenging
for me to be organized next to having two full time jobs and traveling all the time. But today
I will be working on this again. Now without further ramblings these are my essentials for
in my bag:

1. Sunglasses – I wear ’em all the time
2. Passport – Because of the obvious
3. Business Cards
4. Wallet
5. Nail Polish – my nails always, always chip
6. Lipstick
7. Perfume – I rediscovered Coco
8. My phone
9. Jewelry – I have, at all time, jewelry in every bag and I don’t know why

Now tell me your bag essentials, it’s so fun to find out these things about everyone! I love
watching ‘What’s in my bag’ videos on YouTube as well! Enjoy your weekend, excited to
read your comments. Big kiss, N.

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Featured in this post:

Bag: Ted Baker

Watch: Loavies

Phone Case: Kitson LA

Wallet: Aspinal of London