what's in my bag


Hey hey there! Happy Saturday! I’ve been wanting to do this post for so long and finally got
around to taking pictures yesterday. Well actually, I cleaned out my bag yesterday so I didn’t
felt ashamed to do this post. Honestly, I switch bags all the time and throw stuff in and out
of every bag continuously. I wouldn’t say my bags are tidy and organized, especially my big
Louis Vuitton handbag is super messy. But what’s better to do on Saturday than getting
organized? I feel like I talk a lot about organization at the moment but it’s super challenging
for me to be organized next to having two full time jobs and traveling all the time. But today
I will be working on this again. Now without further ramblings these are my essentials for
in my bag:

1. Sunglasses – I wear ’em all the time
2. Passport – Because of the obvious
3. Business Cards
4. Wallet
5. Nail Polish – my nails always, always chip
6. Lipstick
7. Perfume – I rediscovered Coco
8. My phone
9. Jewelry – I have, at all time, jewelry in every bag and I don’t know why

Now tell me your bag essentials, it’s so fun to find out these things about everyone! I love
watching ‘What’s in my bag’ videos on YouTube as well! Enjoy your weekend, excited to
read your comments. Big kiss, N.

what's in my bagwhat's in my bagi
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Featured in this post:

Bag: Ted Baker

Watch: Loavies

Phone Case: Kitson LA

Wallet: Aspinal of London

  • drawnby featherlines

    My must haves are my Notebooks, Purse and my Makeup bag!
    I actually did a whole blogpost on this, if anyone wants to check it out: http://drawnbyfeatherlines.blogspot.de/2014/05/whats-in-my-bag-plan.html
    Love ♥

  • Dominica C

    phone, keys, very flat wallet, lipgloss (sometimes 3 different colors), public transport subscription (comes in very handy when there’s no taxi’s), business cards, student card, camera, sunglasses .. that’s about it I guess 🙂

  • lyndesloovere

    Ik vind zo’n posts ook altijd supertof om te zien! (Moet er ook eens 1 doen !!)
    Wat ik altijd bij me heb is m’n iphone, dat is eigenlijk de enige zekerheid dat altijd in m’n handtas zit aangezien ik ook heel dikwijls verander van tas. Oh en een flesje water ook altijd!
    Dat zijn de enige 2 ‘zekerheden’, voor de rest durf ik wel eens wat vergeten 😉
    Succes met opruimen/organiseren!
    xo Lyn

  • sara

    love your iPhone case!

    also , could you take a picture showing how the bag is worn? it looks so pretty!


    Sarah xx

  • Ik vind de ‘what’s in my bag posts’ altijd zo leuk om te zien! Ik heb trouwens ook altijd een flesje water bij me, en natuurlijk mobiel, portemonnee en oortjes om muziek te luisteren. 🙂 xx

  • V.

    The quote on your Iphone case: same on my mug! lol



  • GapToothedGirl

    Great advice!! I’ll check every line!

    xox, Gap.


  • Super leuke post! Leuk om te zien! Je telefoonhoesje is echt geweldig! En wat ziet je paspoort er leuk uit!

  • Great cover! ihihihi


  • Alexa Land

    Je hoesje is fantastisch en wat heb je leuke dingen in je tas!

  • Daniella

    hahah the phone case!




  • Love the phone case, I’m hooked on their real too

  • Charonne Ngoma

    Haha amazing phonecase love it!

  • Paula Fleur
  • I love whatsinthebag posts a lot since it’s so personal! Your phonecover is awesome 😉

    XO from Malta,

  • Eva

    Altijd leuk om te zien en wat gaaf dat je naam op de portemonnee staat! Waar heb je dit laten doen als ik vragen mag? Mijn essentails zijn vrij basis. Portemonnee, telefoon, sleutels en een goede lippenbalsem. De rest vergeet ik nog wel eens 😉 xx


  • Arianne

    I spy my favorite mascara!!! That phone case, though 🙂

  • Grace Denny

    I love your business cards, they’re so cute. I constantly have jewellery lying around my handbags too.. rings and bracelets everywhere. haha.

    XO, G from grace’d

  • Yaling

    I very like your Noor passport & your Noor wallet *-* ’cause they’re pink aaww!!

  • Julia

    I love the color of your bag!! Mine is about the same, except I don’t carry around a passport with me, I’m scared of getting it stolen! I keep my driver license always handy 🙂



  • Ow thanks God I’m not the only one who’s crazy about “What’s in my bag?” youtube videos :)))
    I just love them!

    Let’s see what’s in my purse. Not everything is shown. Receipts, cheques and bunch of papers are non-touched since I bought my bag. There is a section which I call “For everything that I might need” and all receipts go there..still maybe I’ll need to return something what I bought. You never know what will happen!


    Kindle is always with me. I love reading when I’m having breakfast, dinner or just hanging out in park. Reading grows us and makes us better.

    A bunch of beauty stuff: EOS Mint and Raspberry, Clinique lip balm and Givenchy lip gloss.

    2 years ago I’ve decided to grow my hair down till waist. It’s still in progress and one more year needed. I carry bout my hair a lot, so I usually use Tangle Teezer for my hair. It’s amazing! When I need to make my hair for evening, I simply use bigger No Tangle brush from Macadamia. They are awesome! Trust me they are! If you’ll start using them, you will never get back to simple brushes.

    My shades are pink…so I see world though pink glasses. That’s kind of fun and every sunrise is so gorgeous with them. I love them.

    What else left? Purse and notebook…that’s it 🙂

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Ahh thanks for your reply! So fun to hear what’s in everyone’s bag! I personally LOVE the tangle teezer as well! <3 x