Hey hey guys! Yay! I just reached 25.000 followers on Instagram so I thought this would be a good
time to tell you about my tips and tricks for Instagram. I always like reading these articles myself
so why not share some of my own tips? Enjoy and if you have anything to share, any tip or trick,
let me know!


1. Use daylight when you take pictures with your phone. First of all and most importantly your
pictures will be a lot sharper when shot in daylight! Lighter pictures are easier to edit and have a better
effect on people!

2. Take pictures from above. I shoot all my detailed pictures from above. This has a cuter look and
feel to it and gives a clearer overview of what you want to show instead of taking a picture from the side.
Especially if you want to show a couple of items I suggest taking pictures from above.instagram tips
3. Try to keep your pictures in the same style for a nice Instagram timeline and overview.
A different style of pictures will look messy and it will be less appealing for people to follow you.
Try using the same filter for your next 15 pictures and see how good your overview will look.
Your Instagram overview is the first thing that catches people’s eye so it better be good!

The best apps:

1. Afterlight. Every blogger I know can’t live without Afterlight. This apps offers every filter,
every light effect and basically everything you need to make your picture look pretty.

2. VSCO Cam. I prefer the filters of VSCO cam over most Instagram filters. My favorite filter is F2.

3. Camera 360. Guys, this is THE selfie app. There’s an option which is called magic skin that
makes your skin flawless within one touch and many more options to have a breathtaking selfie ;-).

instagram tips and tricks

Get followers:

1. Use hashtags. When I just started out on Instagram I used hashtags quite a lot. This way you get people
to see your pictures who have the same interest as you. If you’re into healthy food and use #healthyfood
you’ll probably get noticed by people who are looking for inspiration. Don’t overdo hashtags though, you
don’t want to loose followers by placing 40 hashtags under your pictures and invading someone’s
Instagram timeline!

2. Get featured. For me this has been the most important one. As a blogger there are always accounts who
give you the opportunity to get featured. Whether it’s a really big food inspiration account, a big fashion
brand that features bloggers or an account that’s purely based on featuring people and selecting the best
images. For me ootdmagazine, Lookbook, ilovefashionbloggers and one of my favorite brands Boohoo have
giving me awesome features which helped me grow my following.

3. Comment on pictures you like. When I started out on Instagram I frequently looked up some hashtags
I was interested in, for instance #fashionblogger, and checked a lot of pictures I could find under that
hashtag. If I would find a picture I really liked I would leave a nice comment. Big chance people will check
out your Instagram and like back or follow you if they like your account!

That’s it! I hope you learned something and enjoyed reading this post! Of course don’t forget to follow
me on Instagram ;-). Big kiss, N.

Disclaimer: All pictures are mine except from the top one which is courtesy of Wishwishwish