it was all a dream1

It took me some time but today I can finally, finally show you the dress I wore to the Formula 1
event in Monaco. I adore Elisabetta Franchi’s designs so I felt reallt flattered to be wearing one
of her dresses in the South of France. Now these pictures were actually shot in my lovely hometown
of Amsterdam because I thought it would be a fun contrast to the glam of this dress. You can
imagine I didn’t wore boots in Monaco under this dress but this way I can show you the dress in
my own style and how I enjoy styling the dress. These pictures were shot by my lovely friend and
above of all amazing photographer Wayta, I love her style of shooting. Enjoy your day everyone
and let me know what you all think of this dress! Big kiss, N.

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Bracelet: Flor Amazona

Dress: Elisabetta Franchi

Boots: Lulu’s