Hellloo hello! How was everyone’s weekend? I’m still in sunny Ibiza and enjoying every second of it, but more about that soon! Today I wanted to share this awesome super cool video we shot last week in collaboration with Vodafone. I’m super proud of how the video turned out and I thought it would be fun to make a little informative post about how I stay connected while traveling all the time.

As you all know I’m always in and out of cities and my girlfriends always ask me on What’s App  ‘How can you be on 3G all the time, it’s so expensive?!’. Well, my big secret is, I always use pre-paid cards. When I’m in LA I instantly add money to my phone account and the same goes when I’m in Amsterdam. Now I know prepaid has a little bit of a stigma to be more expensive but I’ve found out it actually isn’t, it’s just all about mixing and matching the right combination (just as fashion haha). But to be honest, before I used prepaid cards I had super expensive phone bills.

Another thing I really like about this is that Vodafone has a brilliant app where you can check your balance all the time, ever since I’ve been doing this my phone bill dropped down a lot. Now without further ado, check out this awesome super cool amazing video to give you an idea of all described above! What do you all think of prepaid cards? Would love to know! Enjoy! Big kiss, N.