How to stay motivated with blogging and work


Hello! I’ve been doing some posts where I share some of my tips and tricks for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t plan to but they tend to go online every Wednesday!  So hey, today it’s Wednesday and I have another article in store with tips for you. I always try to pick a subject of something that’s currently relevant in my life because I always think, if I struggle with this or think about this, other people might do this too. So today I want to give you all some tips on how to stay motivated at your work.

I’ve worked at so many different jobs and I think no matter what job you do, you always go through a phase where it’s harder to stay focused and motivated. Even now that I’m blogging, which is a hobby that turned into a job, I have to find focus and motivation from time to time. So here we go, my ultimate list to stay motivated is as follows:

1. Work towards a goal and remind yourself of that goal. I always write down where I want to go and how my current situation is adjusting to that goal and the bigger picture. I have a little notebook where I write down some goals every 4 weeks. Ever since I started doing this, I always reached my goals, even though they seemed crazy at the time. It’s so important to have your mind set to something.

2. Try to be the best at what you do. I can’t say it enough, do everything you do with passion or don’t do it. I feel like there are so many people who do things for the wrong reason. Sure, I understand we all have to work and some jobs just aren’t fun. I worked as an accounting clerk at a city council hall for a while, which sucked. But I still tried to seek for a challenge in that job and always reminded myself of the fun parts (which in this job was the moment I left the office but hey it made me appreciate home more). Even if you don’t like a job, be thankful for that experience because it pushes you more into a direction you do want to go.

3. Decorate your desk. I always put fun stuff to look at on my desk so I get excited to go to the office and start working. If you have a pretty surrounding, you’ll most likely get more motivated. Try to make a nice moodboard or put fresh flowers next to your computer.


4. Give yourself breaks. It’s impossible to be 100% focused all the time. No matter how crazy your schedule is, try to give yourself a break, even if it’s just 10 minutes. You will probably be twice as productive after! The best thing to do of course is to go outside and have a breath of fresh air (note to self ;)).

5. Caffeine. Well because of the obvious. I can’t tell you how many traveling days or working days I have to go through with two hours or zero sleep. It looks so glamorous all the traveling but let me tell you, sometimes it’s anything but glam. Starbucks and I have become really close. On days without sleep a little shot of espresso can just do the trick and keeps me motivated to push through the day.

6. Think of what you’ve accomplished and enjoy it. This is something I have to work on and do more. It’s so important to have time of reflection and literally list the things you’ve accomplished to feel satisfied (and of course to stay motivated). Work shouldn’t always be about the daily race of to do lists and keeping up with everything. Make a list with everything you’ve accomplished you’re proud of and I guarantee you will feel better about your work! I’m going to do this right now!

Hope you enjoyed this post and any requests for future articles in this genre are more more more than welcome! Big kiss, N.

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  • Ana

    Thanks for the tips. By the way, I absolutely love your new website design and new logo.
    Did you change it all yourself or enlist the help of a webmaster?

    Keep the tips coming!
    Out of all the personal bloggers I follow, you are the one I enjoy reading the most. Your writing is honest and engaging.

    Ana x

  • Nice and usefull post, really like the new design of your blog!

  • I am so jealous of people with perfectly organized desks. Beautiful work space!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  • Daniella

    great tips!

  • helpful tips and a lovely post!loved the way you wrote it and explained it. Thank u alot for sharing love!~^_^

  • Some great tips! Thank you 🙂 Lilly xx

  • Great advice!

  • Amazing tips! Thank you
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

  • Great advice, thanks!

  • Zulk fijn advies! Ik heb momenteel een beetje een bloggersblock maar dat gaat bij mij altijd in fases, dus dat komt ook wel weer goed. Maar zo’n artikel is echt fijn om te lezen dan, geeft me weer een beetje inspiratie 🙂 x

  • Some great advice, a lovely read.x

  • Hey, this is a great post. I’ve recently switched from a full time blogger back to a full time worker whilst still trying to manage blogging part time. I’ve been struggling with it all but there are some great tips here 🙂
    And I certainly agree on the caffiene – it helps!
    x tink jayne x

  • This is great! I agree that having a nice work space is essential for inspiration to happen!

  • V.
  • Salma

    Super post! I really needed this right now, I’m having all my exams. I really like the way you write, it’s so personal and it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to be perfect 🙂

  • I love these ne wednesday posts <3!!

    Thanks for the tips!

    xx Nicola

  • I feel you on the sixth point – it’s difficult to stop for a second and just be thankful and happy for what you’ve already accomplished. But I feel it’s actually think it’s one of the most important ones.

  • Great tips! They can really be applied to anything. Love it and so glad I just found your blog 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing xxx

  • I love these weekly tips! Thank you so much for sharing, and these desks are BEAUTIFUL, a girl can dream! Haha 🙂

  • Because who doesn’t have a pinterest board dedicated to lovely workspaces and how they wish their desks at home looked. Thanks for the tips!

  • Thanks so much for sharing! Super helpful <3

  • Anna Fletcher

    Really inspiring post, thank you for sharing


  • Great post – really needed to hear! Haha, work is getting slighhhhtly demotivating. Thanks. x

  • Fee

    Hi, I have a question! Could you maybe give a little more explanation for the goals part? Like, what goals do you mean? Is it: “I want to have written 10 posts by …” or more like: “I want to have *** followers by…” or?
    Furthermore this post was really, really helpful!

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Hey babe! It’s a combination of it all. I remember in the beginning of the year I wrote something like I want to have 10.000 instagram followers and I want a feature in that magazine, it’s more my to do lists where I write stuff like I want to write 3 posts today. I do write in my goals stuff like I want to do 10 posts a week as well! Hope this is helpful! 😉 Xoxo

  • Joy

    Love this post! Lately I’ve been having a slight love affair with Starbucks too. 🙂

  • I like your website newlook <3 Great post by the way

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  • You were one of the first people to comment on my blog and i’ve been sat reading yours for the last hour now and it just makes me smile. Absolutely love this tips and tricks. It just gives me that boost and i’m normally a pretty positive person but setting goals is such a simple but effective idea i’m going to do it! xx

  • Thanks for this post. I recently started blogging and sometimes the nights are just to short to also get some sleep……thank god for good coffee

  • I read success stories, income reports and inspirational quotes to stay motivated as a blogger.
    Try it out and you will feel motivated.
    Thanks for sharing your nice tips