The beach (1 of 1)_Fotor

Hello hello people! I tried to post these shots this weekend but for some reason the pictures didn’t show so here we go again!
Showing you one of my favorite posts probably ever. I described before that my favorite moment on Ibiza is between 8 and 9 PM and of course these pictures were shot around that time as well! Also, I think the best shots are always the ones that weren’t planned which is also the case here. We were hanging out at the beach and took our camera and just shot these pics. Surprise surprise, I’m actually smiling in one of the pics! People always ask me why I don’t smile in my outfit pictures, well, let me tell you, when I smile I smurk haha. Which is not pretty. Not in pictures nor in real life. So that’s it. Enjoy and happy Tuesday to all of you! Big kiss, N.

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The beach (1 of 1)-2_FotorThe beach (1 of 1)-3_FotorThe beach (1 of 1)-4_Fotor
The beach (1 of 1)-5_Fotor


Top: Forever21

Shorts: Boohoo


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