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It’s Wednesday which means that I’ll be posting some tips again! I’m so happy you are all enjoying these posts as I really really really like to create them. For this week I thought it would be fun to give some tips on how to save time with blogging. I do almost everything myself for my blog and if you want to promote your blog in a proper way it takes so much time! But it is important to do so as we all like to see our traffic increase and want to make our visibility on the internet as good as possible. Here are some tips I picked up along the way on how to save time blogging and promoting your blog.

1. It all starts with making a weekly schedule with posts. Let’s say I would schedule all my posts for the week on Sunday. This way you get a clear overview on what you have to do the upcoming week and I personally feel like a part of writing the posts is done once you give them a title and schedule them for a day.

2. Immediately write down your teaser for Facebook and Twitter after you’ve written your post. With a teaser I mean stuff like: ‘I’m wearing my most worn shoes today, find out where I got them on…’. It can be more if you want to of course ;). This tip really helps me a lot. If I would write a post on Sunday and promote the post on Tuesday it always takes me so long to think about what I’m going to write in my teaser for some reason!

3. If you have a day off and you’re in a blogging mood: take advantage! For instance if I have time and a really good hair day I usually shoot more looks in one day. The same goes for inspiration posts, Instagram posts. Whenever you feel inspired, just create plenty of content!


4. Automatically publish your Bloglovin’ posts to Facebook. Link your Twitter to your Facebook. Share your Instagram pictures on Tumblr/Pinterest/Facebook etc.!

Hope these tips helped you a little and I would love to know if you have any more tips on this subject? Let’s help each other and save ourselves some time ;)! And of course if you have a cool idea for a nice post including some tips, let me know let me know! Big kiss, N.

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  • Wat een super fijne en goede tips! Die ga ik zeker onthouden!

  • Really great ideas! Never ever though of giving teasers ^^
    Will definitely try it!

  • Fantastic blogging tips, Noortje. I especially love the one about the Twitter and Facebook teasers. I will definitely try to add it to my blogging routine. πŸ™‚

  • Great tips, thank you!
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

  • Salma van der Venq

    SUPER tips!! Hier heb ik echt wat aan, vind het heel leuk om elke woensdag je tips te lezen πŸ™‚

  • joy

    Fijne tips! Nu bedenk ik de teasers enz vaak naderhand waardoor ik inderdaad eerst weer helemaal in de stemming van mijn post moet komen.
    Ik zou sws wel wat meer structuur in mijn blog kunnen gebruiken trouwens!

  • Great advice there Noor!!

    Just what I needed ; )


  • Great advice!

  • I am new to blogging so find Blogging tips very useful πŸ™‚

  • Great tips, thank you!
    Mia xx

  • V.
  • Such good tips! I’ve never thought of doing my facebook teasers straight away…that said I don’t really do very good facebook ‘teasers’ lol. It’s always, new blog post click here haha.

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      I used to do that too! Ever since I started making teasers I got so much more traffic! X

  • Very helpful post! I’m loving these. Never thought of teasers, and I definitely need to get on writing up a proper blogging schedule.

    Emily xoxo

  • I love reading blogging tips and this was really helpful! Thank you!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Great tips! You can also use Hootsuite to schedule your Tweets if you want to promote the post through there a few times. For FB pages, there is a scheduling feature for posts. Since I write multiple posts to put on a scheduled queue, these features really take a lot of the worrying and timing out of blogging!

    Alex from Refined Lately

  • Hi babe – great tips. Juist vandaag ben ik ervoor gaan zitten om wat orde in mijn choatische hoofd te scheppen en hup, jouw blogpost popt op! Ik ga er wat mee doen, bedankt πŸ™‚

    XO vanuit Malta,

  • Great advice! πŸ™‚

  • Another trick: only write about things you love, and not because you ‘have’ to write about it! Writing about something you love is way easier and faster than forcing yourself to write a ‘good’ blogpost.

  • Ana

    As usual great great tips! I am going to put in practice the idea of scheduling posts for the week with titles… it will definitely help with inspiration. I already have all these post ideas, title ideas, quirky remarks and puns in my head, but I rarely write them down, which means half of it is forgotten. I for sure need to work on my Facebook/instagram teasers… any tips on how to make them original are welcome πŸ™‚

    I tried the “do several shoots in one day” thing a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing! I got so much done and it means I am not stressing as much if I miss a day of shooting.

    Thanks for the tips Noor

    Ana x

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      You’re welcome Ana! Happy to hear doing more shoots a day is working out for you ;). I will make an article soon but tips on how to make good teasers for social media!! Good idea! X

  • Handige tips! x

  • Marlee

    This was super helpful. Sometimes I struggle with deciding which posts go on which days. I guess I’m weird like that. Thanks for posting this!!


  • Brittany

    Those are some really good tips. I’m trying to blog more often, and I find that when I title and schedule my blog post I actually get them done and enjoy doing it.

  • These are some great tips, I’m really loving these Wednesday posts! I’ve found that having a nice planner to write things down in really does make the task a lot easier πŸ™‚

  • pia

    Great article, thanks for the tips πŸ™‚
    Fashion latte with vanilla

  • I trully value all your tips and I will try to put some of them in practice. I have tried to create teasers for my blog’s Facebook page for example and a lot of people were excited, but when the actual post came out, there was not as much traffic.
    Rally’s Beauty Highway

  • Vic

    Thanks for the tips. If anyone else is wondering, the zebra skin white/gold bowl is by Jonathan Adler. Just found it via Google!

  • Wat een handige tips. Heel erg bedankt voor het delen. Ik vraag me wel af: als je alles aan Facebook linkt, krijgen je volgers dan niet heel vaak dezelfde soort berichten? Ik heb mijn blog alleen aan Twitter gelinkt want Facebook schrijf ik allemaal zelf als mijn blog online komt..

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Ja dat klopt. Ik schrijf Facebook inderdaad ook zelf als het online komt, ik voel me soms alsnog wel opgelaten als ik een paar keer per dag update omdat ik dan soms het gevoel heb dat ik mensen lastig val met m’n updates maar dat zit denk ik een beetje tussen m’n oren ;)! Maar ik ben inderdaad ook geen voorstander van alles naar Facebook te linken.

  • Fabulous tips πŸ™‚ I just love your blog x

  • Hiii! Useful tips. I don’t always publish things on Facebook because I’m a bit “scared” or “insecure” about what other people might say.

    Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!=)

  • Thanks for the tips! They are very helpful :))

    M. Akua

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  • Thank you for sharing these tips are great πŸ™‚


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