I’ve always been quite interested in the difference between the online and the real life world. There are a lot of activities that can be done online and in real life. This interested me so much that when I was graduating Museum Studies last year I decided to dedicate my thesis to the relationship between an online museum visit and a physical museum visit.

Lately I have been thinking though about the difference between real life shopping and online shopping. As I’m doing both quite often at the moment it occurred to me that my taste is different in both situations which is quite weird. I mean, I am the same person and I’m doing the same activity basically, why do I act different? I have to say that it happens more often that I buy something I regret online than offline but of course that probably has to do with not being able to physically hold the item. It’s so strange to me though how I’m attracted to different items online than offline. Time to write another thesis? Or do you guys have the answer for me? I’m really curious to find out how you experience the above! Let me know. Big kiss, N.