I’ve always been quite interested in the difference between the online and the real life world. There are a lot of activities that can be done online and in real life. This interested me so much that when I was graduating Museum Studies last year I decided to dedicate my thesis to the relationship between an online museum visit and a physical museum visit.

Lately I have been thinking though about the difference between real life shopping and online shopping. As I’m doing both quite often at the moment it occurred to me that my taste is different in both situations which is quite weird. I mean, I am the same person and I’m doing the same activity basically, why do I act different? I have to say that it happens more often that I buy something I regret online than offline but of course that probably has to do with not being able to physically hold the item. It’s so strange to me though how I’m attracted to different items online than offline. Time to write another thesis? Or do you guys have the answer for me? I’m really curious to find out how you experience the above! Let me know. Big kiss, N.

  • Now that you mention it, you are absolutely right! I am the same way. My tastes are totally different online and in “the real world.” Online I think I actually for bolder picks than I do in stores.

    –Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  • Very thoughtful and awesome!!!


  • honestly, prefer online shopping πŸ™‚ sometimes for better price but always for a better range of things


  • Ik vind beide erg leuk. Alleen vind ik online shoppen makkelijker. Het is netjes en er is geen rommel of drukte!

  • Honestly I have never did online shopping. Really I don’t know why, well maybe I know, because the brands I like don’t ship to my country. And maybe I just like to hold the items in my hands, perceive the atmosphere and if some piece is not possible to buy in my country I just have one more reason to travel and buy it somewhere else. I like to show an effort and then I am really happy to wear it. Easy achieving of things is just not so much fun for me πŸ™‚
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    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Yes, you’re making a good point!! It is better to perceive the atmosphere!

  • I can’t believe my favourite blogger professionaly comes from the same branch I do (I am a librarianship student). I am so happy right now! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, in my field, I am also very interested in user’s behaviour online. The answer can be in McLuhan’s thesis ‘the medium is the message’. The media that we are surrounded with everyday affects us much more than we think.

  • Strangely, I feel like I’m more prone to impulse buying in ‘real life’ shopping. Maybe because the item is right there in front of me and it’s almost too easy. But with online shopping – the process of buying, paying for shipping and hoping it’s the right size takes time and money. That being said I feel like I buy more unique clothing/shoes online because there is so much variety! Interesting to think of my differing behaviour in both situations!

  • Beide leuk! Alleen soms vind ik het meteen aanpassen toch handiger dan het elke keer terugsturen van producten

  • Interesting. I think the reason we behave differently online is because it’s easier to create a more “exciting” persona and the absence of physical individuals means that you aren’t really answering to anyone but yourself!

  • Voor mij zit er niet heel veel verschil in, toch ben ik meer een online shopper. Ik kan dan de tijd nemen (zodat ik minder miskopen heb) en vaak net even een item vind die ik dan weer net niet in de winkel kan vinden :). Al begrijp ik wel als je net zoveel reist als jij ….dat je veel leuke/originele items tegen komt!


  • I find an interesting development in online shopping is digital products – ebooks, games, movies, music etc they are so easy to buy yet never seem ‘real’ even when you spend real money on them! I find it’s all too easy to splurge on them, but to be fair I’m an impulse buyer of many things I don’t need offline too!

    Chloe – vanityundone.co.uk

  • Ik denk dat het ermee te maken heeft dat je online vaker iets ziet wat je heel erg leuk vindt, maar eigenlijk niet bij je past ofzo.. In het echt zie je meteen of iets de juiste kleur voor je is, mooie pasvorm, etc. Dat mis je bij online shoppen en daar ziet het er vaak mooier uit dan het is, mede doordat het model een ander lichaam heeft (waarschijnlijk) dan iemand die thuis zit..

    Leuk om je thoughts te lezen!

  • Sometimes, when I’m trying to find something specific in the real world, the whole process can just be so stressful, I quite like to do a scout around online and then head into the relevant store – rather than scuttling from one store to the other with my fingers crossed in hope!!


  • Daniella

    Love this type of post!

  • ItΒ΄s depend of the moment or how I feel. When i buy online itΒ΄s more by impulse, and maybe when i receive the clothes and dont like them or I dont want all of them…

  • V.

    Well, online shopping is my religion…

  • I personally prefer online shopping mainly because the range of things and sizes are more complete. But I think I tend to buy more online because you “imagine” what the item will look like on you, when you’re in store you become more realistic. I also think it has something to do with the fact that instant gratification makes things feel more real, the physical act of paying makes you more aware of what you’re spending so you’re more cautious of what you’re buying. When you buy online since you’re not physically swiping your card or paying with cash it doesn’t feel like you’re actually spending anything (or as much), which makes us have the illusion that we are capable of buying more than we would normally in store.

  • I think the type of purchases depends on the person.
    For example, I never even try on clothes in the store. I see on the eye thing would suit me or is not my size. I like to save time as we have only one life.
    Many girls love to shop “live”, measure, choose, match, touch material, change their mind 100 times and not buy anything in the end πŸ™‚ That happens, right?
    I choose online, look for my size, get the item in 2 days, try it on and if it suits me well, I’ll keep it. It’s much faster that going to the shopping center. It’s a bit far from my home.
    Maybe I seem like a boring person in this case but this is real me πŸ™‚ On the other hand I am a bit shopaholic. I buy a lot of stuff…but online.
    I hope my review helped you.
    Good luck honey!
    xoxo Vanessa Key β™₯

  • Bee

    well I must say I prefer “live shopping” πŸ˜‰ to online one, but sometimes when for example you can’t find your size in shop then you can buy it online and it’s great option πŸ™‚ for me online shopping is similar to window shopping πŸ˜‰ but of course sometimes, even accidentally I find beautiful things online πŸ™‚

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    • I totally agree with this, I tend to buy online when I can’t find the size and sometimes when I don’t see the style in the shops. Otherwise, I prefer live shopping as we can see the fit and finish of the piece of clothing πŸ™‚


  • Hoh hier kan ik een heel boek over schrijven πŸ˜€ ik ben sowieso voorstander van het online shoppen. Ik zie online altijd zoveel leuke dingen en als ik dan in de winkel kom hebben ze niets ervan. Ofwel vind ik het gewoon nooit tussen al die rommel. Het is al zo erg met me dat ik soms in de winkel sta te denken ‘kon ik nu maar filteren op mijn maat, of op kleur’ hahaha


  • Joanne

    I agree with Jemma. With online shopping, I tend to think about the item or items more before buying.