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One of my most asked questions in real life and online life? How do you earn money with a blog? Since I’m giving tips every Wednesday and a couple of girls asked me last week to write an article about this I just had to do it! First of all, like everything in life, there are so so many ways to earn money with your blog and I think time will tell what is the best way for you. In this article I will give you an insight about a couple of options that I like to use. What I’ve learned from my time blogging is that it’s important to know and decide your blog’s worth. Think about the time you invest in an article, in shooting pictures etc. Think about what you’re doing for a company (like delivering high quality content of their products and sharing their links with your readers,) and about what you have to offer. When you first start out with your blog I think you shouldn’t be too much money driven as blogging is a creative outlet in the first place and is something you should do with passion. If you feel like you have something going with your blog and you are a little experienced you could go ahead and start looking for ways to monetize your blog. I could go on and on about this subject so let me just tell you about ways that I think are legit to earn money with when it comes to blogs:

1. Use an affiliate program. This is something that you can set up quite easily and is something I would suggest getting at an early stage of blogging. For those of you who don’t know anything about affiliate programs: it’s basically a program that allows you to link to products through a lot of companies; when your readers click those links, a cookie is embedded in your browser. If you buy anything through that site (and through that cookie), the site owner earns a commission on the sale. The percentage of the commission varies between 4 and 30 %. I personally use RewardStyle and have been pretty satisfied with their service.

2. Join a media company. Media companies usually help you to connect with the right brands to get ads and sponsored articles on your blog. Now I know this is not for everyone and to be really honest I’m still going back and forth on this one myself. I have a couple of blogger friends that are really fond of media companies and some that like to handle everything themselves with brands. I think the pro’s are that it’s easier to get to certain brands through a media company and the downside is that you are more in control and have a bit more of a financial win when you do your sponsored posts yourself. By sponsored posts I mean paid posts that you create in collaboration with a brand spreading the word about what they do in your personal ‘blog’ style. My number one rule for this one is to ALWAYS only work with brands that really fit your blog and where your readers engage with in the right way.

3. Be creative. Like I said there are so many ways to monetize your blog. Maybe affiliates or ads and sponsored posts is something you don’t like to do but you still would like to earn some money with your blog. Then it’s time to be creative; think of inventive ways to ‘sell your product’. With this I mean things like making a digital book of your blog with your favorite posts, design an app where you can do interactive stuff related to your blog etc.

4. Freelance. Monetize your blog as a portfolio. Some bloggers are really good in photography for instance and can offer their photography and editing skills to companies while showing their blog as a portfolio. Same goes for modeling, designing, writing, styling etc. To me it’s super super fun to do side projects through my blog, one of the best parts about it!

Another thing I would highly suggest is to make a good mediakit. It’s so important and looks very professional to every one you want to work with. If you guys want to I can make a post about how to make a mediakit next week with tips? Would you be interested to see what mine looks like? Let me know and if you have any suggestions or comments on this subject, I would love to hear them! Big kiss, N.

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