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As promised, my personal Milan diary!  The more I blog the more I enjoy taking pictures, it’s just such an amazing way to share your life, especially when you travel so much! I told you in my other Milan posts that I’ve never been in this city before. I had some pretty high expectations, with no reason whatsoever, I don’t know much about Milan. I went on a business trip with my friends from ilovefashionbloggers and overall we had a really great time! Some fun stuff happened and some not so fun stuff. When we arrived at the metro the first day I got robbed! Which sucked because I save so many things in my wallet which are gone now and my wallet was so pretty. When I’m in Paris I know to look out in the underground to get robbed but I never heard anything about Milan. Probably just my poor preparation. The police told us someone gets robbed every 5 minutes, so watch your stuff guys! Other than this I didn’t get too many impressions; we were quite busy! But of course I loved observing the fashion scene in Milan, it’s unlike anything. Another thing I really liked about Milan is the happy hour policy. When you have a cocktail during happy hour, you pay just for the cocktail but you can eat all the apperetivo’s you want which is enough to get you through the night, trust me ;-). The architecture in Milan is also pretty incredible, there are the older buildings like the famous Duomo but there is also some pretty great modern architecture which is worth checking out.

I’m a big fan of discovering new cities and traveling and I had the best time working in Milan but to be honest, as a city trip, this wouldn’t be my first recommendation! Now enough with the European stories and diaries, expect my first USA post tomorrow! Big kiss, N.

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