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After Texas we continued our journey to Tuscon in Arizona which is about a five hour drive. I’ve been to a couple of cities in Arizona before but never made a stop in Tucson. As a new experience addict I couldn’t wait of course. I could easily go on a two month road trip, I love it so so much. Not knowing where you’ll end up at night and experiencing something new everyday, it’s all fantastic to me. And the best part of road tripping next to capturing the beauty of everything you see? Listening to music in the car. I used to spend hours and hours just sitting in my room listening to music. Coming from quite a musical family and many of you don’t actually know this but I play guitar, piano and sing, I miss music in my day to day life so much sometimes. You can imagine listening to music for 5 hours straight is just heaven and nothing more.

When we arrived in Tuscon we came across this crazy street with many colored houses. As you may know by now, I’m a sucker for everything color. We had to stop and shoot some pictures. But as the weather in the Southern states has been so crazy (humid, hot and there are lots of thunder and rainstorms coming in at random moments) we had just 5 minutes to shoot before hell was breaking loose. After a couple of shots someone decided to throw a bottle of water over me, which was fine and much needed with the 105 F weather we were ready to continue to our hotel for the night. Big kiss, N.

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Dress: Zara

Shoes: Guess

Jewelry: Cooee