_MG_3361_FotorAfter a little stop and enjoying some adventures in Tucson we were off to Sedona, which is also in Arizona. I have been blessed enough to have visited this little amazing place which is so pretty you have to pinch yourself to feel that it’s all real. This time I even enjoyed it more than the first time and we’ve had quite some adventures here. Yesterday we went on a sunset jeep ride through the red mountains which was one of the best experiences ever. And do these mountains look familiar to you? If you’ve ever been to Disneyland in Paris you probably are reminded by one of the rides. Walt Disney used to own a house in Sedona and got so inspired by these mountains, which I understand. Sedona is also known for a place of rest and there are tons of spa’s. There’s a really special energy in the air here which always makes me energized and clears my mind. My style here is very loose with a little Indian touch, there are many Indian influences here as they used to live here. Enjoy these shots and let’s talk tomorrow! Big kiss, N.

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Dress: Boohoo

Booties: Lulus

Jewelry: Flor Amazona


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