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What’s the most fun part of the whole blogging experience? It’s the moment when we’re on the hunt for locations to do a shoot.  I personally don’t like taking pictures at the first wall we run into but thoroughly enjoy browsing through streets, Google Maps and just drive for hours to find the perfect location. Before I was blogging I  used to visit some museums if I had time off on our travels and me and my boyfriend love to have long dinners so we always tried out cool new restaurants . But now we dig even deeper to find the coolest quirkiest spots. When I get into a city I sometimes go on Google to find cool, authentic spots to shoot or other days, like today in Vegas, we just drove around because there are so many incredibly amazing places to shoot out here. I kept telling my boyfriend how I couldn’t wait to shoot editorials in Vegas.

Now I was just editing these pictures for you and while I was doing this I kept thinking ‘I have seen these pink motel doors before’. So I went to my Pinterest inspiration page and there it was, a picture of the same motel doors I just shot. Super weird and random because we did drive around for quite some time and went a little off radar in Vegas before finding this awesome spot: a complete pink motel. The motel was situated right behind a shooting range so while we were shooting I was scared over and over again by the sound of machine guns, no joke! We got sent away after shooting for a bit but I love how these pictures turned out and the vibe that’s in them. One more thing about Las Vegas is the light, as you can see these pictures capture quite a bit of that Vegas sizzle. Tomorrow I have another awesome shoot from Vegas and I will tell you a little more about my experiences here. Enjoy your Sunday everyone and don’t forget to leave a comment, I love reading them. Big kiss, N.

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Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

Shirt: James Perse

Long Blouse: Tildon

Shorts: Forever21

Jewelry: Artelier MX, Hermes, Flor Amazona


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