usa roadtrip malibu (1 of 1)-4_Fotor
We’re back in LA again which kind of means back to work! This road trip was the best thing ever and like I said on my social media, I wish it would’ve last forever! I’m still not back to full time working but enjoying my summer holiday as much as I can! And LA is just the most divine place to do so. Yesterday evening when we got back we immediately went to Malibu and ate at our favorite Greek restaurant called Tony’s. If any of you are around Malibu please stop there and have a bite, you won’t regret it! I have many cool shoots planned in LA so I can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve. Time is going so fast though and there’s still so much I want to do before returning to Europe. I got to keep running now, enjoy these shots! Big kiss, N.

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Dress: H&M

Sunnies: Karen Walker