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I’m always on the hunt for landmarks in cities I visit to show to you. The other day we were bringing a friend to Burbank Airport in Los Angeles and she told me about this famous liquor store we were passing on our way to the airport. I’m not sure about you guys but I definitely remember this one from a bunch of movies, including one of my all time favorites Clueless. It’s the scene where Cher gets mugged the night she is partying in the Valley. We were just so excited to shoot some pictures here, not only because of the landmark but also because I had to show you my latest steal: this Forever21 ballerina skirt. I actually found this one at the kids section but hey I still feel like a kid so why not wear this. Carrie Bradshaw got away with it so I think I should too ;-). How’s everyone’s weekend going? Big kiss, N.
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