Lilac Lace Dress3
I have been quite the mad hatter lately. I think it started out because of my crazy travel itineraries. I never wear make-up on planes and I always sleep sleep sleep whenever I’ve board the plane so there are two things that come in necessary: hats and sunnies! A hat for the bad hair after laying in the weirdest positions to get myself to sleep and the sunnies for my ‘I just woke up a second ago and am now .. well where am I now’ face. I don’t like to wear the same hat all the time, because which fashion hoarder does? So slowly but surely there are coming more hats into my closet, not just to wear at the airport but also in my daily life. I’ve been eying all those gorgeous Maison Michel hats for a while but since they’re a little over budget I was pretty much super happy when I found this one at H&M.

Whenever I travel I always try to capture typical elements of the cities I’m in. I think I already tackled a lot of typical LA hotspots but I don’t think I covered this one yet: the purple trees that can be found at most streets. They’re called Jacarandas. Today I was super matchy matchy with my outfit and I had a lot of fun shooting this look.  I really am in love with this dress and all these shots. Lilac, flowers and lace, just three of my favorite things in life combined in one! It would be fun if you guys could name three of your favorite things in life. Let’s share some happy thoughts! Big kiss, N.

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Photography by Marlena Steiner