Wednesday is here which means it’s time for some advice! This week I would like to explain a little bit more about how a collaboration with a brand works and tell you about the process. After last weeks articles I noticed this is the one subject I got most questions about so here we go! These are my personal experiences so I speak from my perspective.

1. Introduction. Usually a brand or webshop contacts a blogger about the possibility to collaborate. I would personally suggest not to reach out to companies when you’re quite inexperienced but first learn along the way how collaborations work. When you deliver good content on your blog it’s usually a matter of time before you get approached by webshops or small brands to collaborate. Now in the beginning it’s not easy to get paid for collaborations but there’s usually something in return for you, like free clothing or social media promotion. Be sure to always check out the brand that contacts you a little bit to make sure it’s a trust worthy brand and be sure that the brand fits your blog. This is also the time where your mediakit comes in handy. After a brand approached you, send over your mediakit so you give them an idea of what you do and your details and statistics.

2. Be realistic. A lot of brands seem to ask for a lot and won’t do much in return. Be sure that the balance is always right and think about the pro’s and con’s and what’s in it for you. Think about how much time you are going to invest in this collaboration and compare it to a ‘normal’Β  job and what you would get paid for those hours. Be realistic about what’s feasible for you and about prices. It takes a while to figure about what is a good fee to ask but I’ve learned that experience is that only thing that teaches you this. I personally think asking 250 euro per post per 10.000 unique visitors is a good measurement.


3. Quality matters. No matter what you do, always make sure the quality of the content you’re delivering for a collaboration is right. Whether you just started out with blogging or if you’re an established blogger, it’s so important to have good collaborations as you will use them as a reference for feature collaborations. The brands you work with will talk highly about you if you deliver good content and are more likely to start a long-term partnership. I think this is more important than things as how many clicks you got to the companies website or how many visitors your blogpost had that day.

4. Be professional. Always write down an agreement before you start the collaboration. I personally choose to only put my sponsored posts online after the payment is done and to edit my posts a maximum of three times after it went online. The other way around, always stick to the expectations of the brand and be sure you deliver on time. Also very important: send a link of your post before it goes online so you give a brand the opportunity to double check.

5. Evaluate. This is something I recently started doing. Whenever you do a collaboration it’s a big plus if you send over your statistics in a rapport once the project is finished. Things to put here would be you’re reach on Facebook with the link to your post, how many retweets, what you posted on Instagram about this brand, how many people saw the post on your blog and adding some feedback and comments is always good.

If you have worked with companies before please share your experiences, I’m sure you all want to read about them. And of course, suggestions for next week are more than welcome! Big kiss, N.

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  • Noor, I started following you for the fashion but I so admire that you are sharing these weekly tips! Your last post helped me create my first media kit, and this post was just as good. Especially love that quote that you included! Thank you for all your advice πŸ™‚

    x, Paige

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  • Goede tips! Ik ben een paar keer benaderd door bedrijven waar ik uiteindelijk ook niets voor terug kreeg, nu doe ik dat niet meer. Ik ga geen reclame maken en er intussen niets voor terug krijgen.. Nu ben ik laatst benaderd door een bedrijf en ik heb er iets voor terug gekregen, eerlijk samenwerken πŸ™‚

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  • Great tips, thanks so much for sharing. Your tips are always great πŸ™‚

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    Love this article, super helpful!! Thanks for posting all these tips every wednesday! X

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    Hehe the second image, so true! You write so well, thanks for all you advice, really appreciate it! X <3

  • Great post! Super useful advice.

  • Thanks for the tips! Really like these articles!

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    Ik lees met veel plezier al je posts en dankzij jou heb ik ook mijn eigen mediakit opgebouwd! Deze soort posts lijken mij handig voor heel veel mensen! Bedankt daarvoor! πŸ™‚

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    as always this is extremely helpful and useful!! Great post xx

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  • Echt geweldige tips, heb heel veel aangehad

  • These are all great tips, I hate when companies don’t pay, especially after working hard on a post. Great sign that I will definitely be sharing.

  • I really like how upfront you are about prices. Even these days a lot of bloggers tend to stay silent on the subject, and for these of us who are only just starting to grow their blogs it can be difficult. The entire ‘you shouldn’t work for free, but you must charge reasonably’ is not very useful when the industry standards are not revealed and reasonable examples aren’t given. So thank you for that.

    Been enjoying your blog a lot lately. πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for the tips! Very helpful!

  • I must have been living under a rock as I’ve just now stumbled upon your blog. These are great tips! I LOVE that you shared a rule of thumb re: how much you charge. I feel like that’s something that most bloggers don’t like to talk about and the transparency is so nice! Once this becomes an authentic conversation I feel like more brands will start to take bloggers more seriously!

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Thanks so much and I really feel like you’re right about the transparency, thanks for noticing ;-)!

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  • Thanks a lot for the tips! Very useful!

  • We are just starting to do collaborations, so this was very helpful! So nice to just have someone more experienced to “talk” to about these things and make sure we’re on the general right track. This series is helping a lot!

    xo Stephanie

  • Great tips! Really helpful for everyone, especially those who are starting blogging!
    Loved your site!

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  • I really love these Wednesday posts! This one has once again been very helpful, thank you πŸ™‚

  • Amazing tips! Thank you!!

  • I’ve just started collaborating with brands on my blog, so these tips were so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your insight and experiences πŸ™‚

  • Love this post, I think it is really important to be professional and deliver on time too. As if you were working in an office and underperformed then there would be consequences. xo

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    Hi Noor. I love your blogging tips! I tried to find some of the sponsored posts you’ve made, but i couldn’t find any. Is it possible for you to link one or two of your latest sponsored posts? I would love to see them!
    Hugs, Anna

  • This post is so helpful to new bloggers! I love your wednesday wisdom! xx

  • Hello! Great tips. Although, I would like to make note that I am a fairly new blogger and I do reach out to companies. Usually smaller companies that are growing like I am. That way we both learn how to work with each other; the brand with the blogger and the blogger with the brand. For instance, I will go after a company that has a clout/follower base similar in size to mine. I hope that helps with others as well! Never to early to start collabs! I’ve already started 3 and I started blogging in March!


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  • Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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  • yael steren

    This article was so helpful! I have two quick questions.
    (1) When you say 10,000 unique visitors do you mean per day, per week, per month?

    (2) Approximately how many page views per month were you getting when brands first started approaching you? Thanks so much! yael

    • Queen of Jet Lags

      Hi babe! Sorry, just saw this comment now!

      1: I mean 10.000 per month. So if you have 10.000 unique visitors per month you could charge 250 euro per sponsored article, if you have 20.000 500, if you have 30.000 750 and so on.

      2: I think brands started approaching me when I had around 15.000 pageviews per month, those were usually jobs that were unpaid. Paid jobs started to get in a little bit when I had around 35.000 views I would say.

      Hope this helps!

      • yael steren

        thanks so much!!! xoxo

  • Noor, great post! Very helpful advice to all bloggers!
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