Lilac Lace Dress1Hey guys! As I quickly mentioned yesterday I’m back in Amsterdam. The feeling of coming back home is usually the same. I always instantly miss Los Angeles, it’s weather, avoiding responsibilities etc. This time around I feel a little different. I’m actually quite happy to be back home. I have enjoyed traveling a lot this year but the work load with two full time jobs is sometimes just not doable with a continuous traveling schedule so it’s nice to get back on track and to do this from my own comfortable home office. I was just looking back on my blog and noticed that the last post I wrote from Amsterdam is two months ago already. I do look back at this USA last trip with the best memories and couldn’t resist sharing one more post with pictures we shot these last weeks. Hope you all enjoyed me sharing everything from around the world these last weeks, the you I’m talking to are becoming more and more, quite overwhelming! Big kiss, N.

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_MG_3441_Fotor_MG_3838_Fotor_MG_3278_Fotorusa roadtrip malibu (1 of 1)-6_Fotor_MG_3286_FotorRodeo Drive (1 of 1)_Fotor_MG_3662_Fotor_MG_3169_Fotor


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