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Sometimes you have something in your head, an item, that you desperately need. I don’t know where this one came from, it happened somewhere on the 4th of July, somewhere between Texas and Arizona. The sudden crave of having a pair of Converse with the American flag on them. Maybe it was the patriotic feeling of the 4th and seeing all the flags, or maybe it’s the need of another sort of comfortable shoes, since I’m kind of getting over slides. Anyways, I like them! At first I had quite a difficult time styling them, I didn’t want to have too much of an extravagant outfit. I started with a simple white dress and added my favorite vintage pieces: a Roberto Cavalli fringe jacket that I’ve been wearing for years and this vintage Moschino bag, my stepmother gave to me. Actually I’m not sure if she gave it to me or if I borrowed it, oops. I guess I’ll find out after she read this post. What are you guys doing? Any fun plans for the weekend? Big kiss, N.

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Photography by Jose Chan

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Dress: Uniqueness

Jacket: Roberto Cavalli

Bag: Moschino

Shoes: Converse


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