Happy Saturday everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a ‘Let’s Discuss’ but lately I’ve been thinking a lot of something and I would love to discuss this with you! After giving in to the trend of Birkenstocks (or slides as we all call them now) two years ago I have been kind of sick of them lately. I admit: I still wear them to go grocery shopping from time to time but everytime I do, I really feel unattractive. I hear you think: ‘they are unattractive’! and yes I know. But as you all probably know trends can do weird things to the brain of a woman and for the past two years I felt like they were quite cool. I’ve been going through a couple of lookbooks for fall 2015 and I still saw quite some slides! Now I what do you think? Did they ran out of their trend cycle or are we still aloud to wear them? I think I’m calling it quits but maybe you can all convince me of anything else! Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about this. Big kiss, N.

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