When I started out with my blog I had no clue on how to keep track of my visitor statistics or what do to with them. A friend told me I had to use Google Analytics so I installed it and didn’t really paid attention to it the first months. Through the help and tips of other bloggers I found out that a lot of companies are very interested in pageviews, sometimes even more than unique monthly visitors, so I started to work on my statistics. After getting great results using the tips I wrote down below I thought it was time to share them with you!

1. Have a read more section. The first thing that will immediately increase your pageviews is to have a read more option on your blog. When your readers see your full post once they are on your blog they don’t have to click on another page or pages to see more content. Always start with a teaser picture and show the full post after the read more jump.

2. Make sure you have sharable content. Good content will get shared easier and will draw in more views. If you have a shared post or image on Pinterest that’s doing well you will draw in a lot of views for a long time and not just the day of posting.

3. Install a SEO plugin on your blog so you can be sure people will find your posts earlier. I recently started this so I’m not perfect at this particular thing yet. I have seen an increase on pageviews coming in from Google but I want to find out a little bit more about this one before I start to give more tips.

4. Install a ‘you might also like’ widget. I have the option under every post to see more posts. One option is to click on the ‘you might also like’ posts and the other one is to click on the ‘more stories’ pop up when you scroll down to my comments. I have found a really impressive increase of pageviews ever since I started using these two options.

5. Use Google Analytics in the right way. The reason I use Google Analytics is not to see how many visitors I have but to analyze the behavior of my visitors. I found it so interesting to see which posts were doing best on my blog and how much time was spent on my top posts. The results were really surprising and I learned so much from them. Through this you can really see what works well for you and you can anticipate the needs of your visitors.

Hope these tips helped you and if you have some more tips, you’re more than welcome to share them below. Requests on topics for next Wednesday are also always nice to hear! Big kiss, N.

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Disclaimer: Header image found on Pinterest.