YSL Black Opium 2
I’ve been posting many pictures on my Instagram lately hinting to a certain ‘Monsieur Black’. His identity was unrevealed but me and a couple of other influencers had many secret meetings with this mysterious man. Lots of you asked ‘Who is he’ and ‘Why are you all having meetings with him’?. Today the secret it out: Monsieur Black has a big addiction which is the new YSL perfume ‘Black Opium’ and I’m super excited to tell you Monsieur Black choose me as one of the muses of this exciting and sexy new perfume. Monsieur Black is the main ‘garcon’ in this film noir esque campaign and the fun part is that there is a SUPER exclusive party coming up hosted by this elusive character. And guess what? You have a chance to get yourself on his blacklist and become a muse as well. Starting this week there will be weekly giveaways and challenges, all information about this contest can be found on the YSL Blacklist website here!

It’s time to get on the #YSLBlacklist. What’s stopping you? I’ll be joining the challenges as well so make sure to follow me and @officialmrblack on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Good luck!

YSL Black Opium 3.jpgWhat-stopping_FotorYSL Black Opium 4.jpgYSL Black Opium 1YSL Black Opium


Photography: 5K
Edits: Nathalie Kemna
Set Courtesy: Politiek Family


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