queen of jet lags ibiza (1 of 1)-2_Fotor
After a super fast trip to Budapest and Austria we flew to one of my favorite places on planet earth: Ibiza. I really feel blessed to call this white island my second home and I instantly get happy the moment we land here. Not just because it feels familiar but also because there’s just a good vibe in the air and the island itself is just utterly gorgeous. For this shoot we made a little stop at Las Salinas where all the salt flats are located. Let my give you a little history lesson here because I always wondered why they called Ibiza the white island so I thought you might be interested too. There are many different opinions on this but it is a fact that salt used to be like gold back in the day, which is hard to comprehend nowadays. Salt was so rare and therefore expensive that the Chinese monopoly of the salt industry in that part of the world virtually funded the building of the Great Wall of China.

The Phoenicians perfected the art of salting (preserving) fish, which was a godsend to sailors who in those days were the only players in the import/export market that supplied the world. The fact that they settled on Ibiza and created the salt flats put Ibiza on the map as one of the most important strategic ports in the Western Mediterranean. The island became rich and famous because of salt.

I hope you enjoy my outfit and these pictures and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for you these upcoming weeks, it’s going to be really exciting! Tomorrow I’ll be back with a special post from Budapest which I honestly can’t wait to share. Big kiss, N.

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Hat: Fab Fashion

Skirt: Gaudi

Bracelet: Artelier MX and Hermes

Top: Nelly

Boots: Hugo Boss via Zalando.nl

Bag: Guess


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