Happy Saturday everyone! First of all I just wanted to say quickly that I’m so happy with the response on my ‘Let’s Discuss’ posts! It’s very exciting to read all your opinions and comments every week, I have such interesting and smart readers ;-)! I’m crazy busy at the moment and although it’s super fun it’s sometimes hard as well to always be away from home. So today I would like to discuss happiness! I really want to know your secrets to staying happy and if we all share them we can all get happy from each others comments hopefully ;-). For me, my top three secrets to being happy are the following:

1. Live for today: They always say happy people live for the now and it’s very important to remind yourself of this. Don’t dwell on the past or stress about the future. I always try to think of how blessed I am no matter where I am and to enjoy the moment with everything that surrounds me. If I can’t be happy today, I’m not going to be happy tomorrow or any other day.

2. Stay busy: I get absolutely miserable after one or two days of freedom. Sure, sometimes I’m longing for that three week holiday but I know in the long run it won’t make me happy. The best way to savor pleasure is in the company of others or while working on an exciting passion or job.

3. Don’t compare: I actually think this one is so important to every single person of planet earth. Ambition is healthy and makes people happy, but envy will make you very unhappy. Yes, life is not always fair but every one is their unique person and comparisons with others can spoil the benefits of ambition and are only useful if you learn something from them. Focus on your own being and work for yourself so you can truly enjoy everything you reach and be proud of it.

Now guys, I would love love love to know your secrets to being happy and I can’t wait to read them. And of course enjoy your Saturday and be happy! Big kiss, N.

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  • Mel
  • Nice article =)

  • Very wise tips! Not always very easy to implement but still…

  • Good tips !! Enjoy your weekend beauty!


  • Salma van der Ven

    I totally agree with all these tips!! I would say just always try to keep your mind positive and sleep! xx

  • I absolutely agree 🙂 And I guess it can be helpful to write a list about the things that are going well in life, people tend to dwell on negative things instead of focusing on the good side 🙂

  • Eva

    Hele goede en leuke tips! Fijn weekend 🙂 xx


  • 🙂 Ohh yes really great tips <3

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  • Another great post! Keep up the good work girly xx

    So glad you mentioned this, I really think happiness is a choice and that it’s possible to do certain things to improve you’re overall approach to life.

    • V

      I totally agree with you Oline! Happiness is most certainly a choice that we can all make, every day. It’s something I work on all the time.



  • Macy

    Enjoy the time you spend with your family, that’s also a good one I think <3!

  • so inspirational!


  • Saying thanks for the little blessings that happen everyday and for the good you have in your life will also help to make you appreciate the little things you often don’t focus on! If you do this everyday you’ll start shifting focus on the good instead of the bad and be so much happier 🙂

  • Great tips! I think living in the moment is super important because you can’t change the past and who know what the future holds! Live for today!


  • I feel the same after few days of “freedom”. I think the best way is to have an “organised” way of relaxing – and to give yourself just a few tasks to still do when having some time off 🙂 xx
    Seven Days

  • pia

    Very inspirational tips 🙂
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  • All three of these are very beautiful and very true.
    Much Love, AnnCates xx

  • V

    Great advice, and very concise.

    Not comparing yourself to others is especially hard in the blogosphere. But honestly, it’s a huge world out there and the Internet is so vast. There’s room enough for everyone to find success in their own way.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • This is so true!! In the blogosphere it’s easy to feel like there are essentially millions of girls just like you – but we’re all unique in our own way! 🙂

  • Couldnt agree with this more. Sometimes we all just need reminding how to be happy!! Number 2 is so true to me – overthinking and having too much time to wonder makes for a very unproductive environment.

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  • lovely post, i cover something similar here http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/things-ive-learned.html love your blog 🙂

  • lovingthis post

  • Lovely article and I completely agree.

    I would also add maintaining fitness and health, getting adequate sleep and putting *you* first!

  • Goede tips, just what I need at the moment!
    Helaas valt het niet altijd mee om in het hier en nu te denken.
    Zulke artikelen mogen vaker online komen, dat maakt me ook happy 🙂

    Liefs Anouk

  • Totally agree with living in the present and making yourself happy. I think lots of people get too preoccupied with little things and what others around them are doing. We just need to believe in ourselves and work towards the best version of you!


  • Hi Noor (and everyone).

    I did a ‘Happy Experiment’ in a recent blog post – have a read if you are interested!? Sorry to spam but it was too much detail to write here & I wanted to share my thoughts.


    Love, Sarah | M&B

  • You speak the truth! I think it’s helpful to remember that life doesn’t owe you anything, it is you who owes the world for your life so we all need to make the most of what we’ve been given and appreciate it daily. I’ve recently got into meditation and I find that helps with living moment to moment and not worrying about what’s past or what is to come.

  • I would absolutely agree with all of those points! I have been trying to live for today – everyday and will try and stay busy. I usually am 😉 Although I do find the last point a lot harder, I am working on it!