I’ve been getting more requests for blogging tips posts you guys want me to write about on Wednesday and I’m loving all of them. Two weeks ago someone messaged me asking if I could do a post about how to grow your blog the first year. Now I always write about how to grow your blog in general but I think it’s actually a really good idea to write about it this specific. It’s very relevant for me to write it as I just finished my first year of blogging and truly learned so much from it and I love sharing all my experiences.

1. Focus on your content: I think when it was when I was onto my second month of blogging that I realized that I really needed to up my game as I found there are an endless amount of bloggers out there. I started putting so much effort in photography, editing my pictures and writing a nice story with it so I was sure I had shareable content. Your content is the first thing people will see and of course you want to leave an impression with it and want people to visit your blog again. Content really is the first thing where your attention needs to go and where you need to develop your own signature.

2. Features: One of the things that for sure made my blog grow faster and increased my traffic in the first year were features on other blogs and platforms. Now there’s no guideline on how to get featured but definitely make sure you start networking at an early stage and again, have you content in check.

3. Leave comments: I’ve mentioned this before and it’s a quite tricky one as it’s time consuming. If you have some spare time you can definitely leave (sincere) comments on other blogs but never spam your blog. If you have a nice outstanding comment people will most likely click on your bloglink faster. You have to start somewhere and leaving comments will for sure get your blog more known in the beginning.

4. Social Media: We always talk about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but there are so many other platforms that can give you just as much traffic and that are very important. One of the most important ones that made my blog grow is Lookbook. I used to post a look everyday and I still get so much traffic from it. Lookbook will also help you with features as there are many big fashion websites that get there shots from Lookbook. Another thing to resource is fashion forums. During my first year of blogging I used to share a lot of my outfits on multiple forums which gave me quite some traffic as well.

5. Post often: People like to go back to your blog when they know they’ll find new content every time they visit. Posting every day is very time consuming but I would suggest toat least post three times a week.

I hope these tips helped and please leave your additions to the list or requests for upcoming Wednesday in the comments! Big kiss, N.