white noise queen of jet lags (1 of 1)-11_Fotor
Happy Saturday everyone! I’m currently in Paris for Fashion Week which you probably know if you follow me on Instagram. It’s so hectic, crazy, stressful but fun all at the same time and wifi seriously sucks everywhere so I haven’t found the right time to upload my looks from Paris but I promise you, tomorrow I will post a pretty spectacular outfit post, so stay tuned! Today I wanted to take the time and ask for your help. As fall is approaching I’m going to change a couple of my standard series I’m doing on my blog such as Throwback Thursday and Travel Tuesday. The thing that will stay of course are my outfit posts and my Wednesday blog tips. I’m currently thinking of adding two new series and I really would like to know what you would like to read. I’m currently thinking about a weekly series of office diaries, where I will show you what I’m wearing to the office everyday (or the airport, or where ever I’m working that day) and the other series I’m thinking of doing is a monthly topic of me interviewing a big blogger. So my question today is, do you like these ideas and do you have any additions of anything you’re currently missing on the blog! I would love to read your comments and opinions about this! Big kiss, N.