Wednesday is here and this article is a little more special because I’m sharing some personal experiences and I’m very open about everything I wish I’d known when I started blogging. Hope you all appreciate these tips!

1. You have to be out there: When I started blogging I thought I was going to be behind my computer and people would visit my blog automatically. Not that I expected thousands of people to visit my blog out of the blue but I didn’t think of doing active campaigns on social media. In fact, I was a little embarrassed to promote my blog on my social channels. After getting out of my comfort zone and trying out new things on social media I found that it really helps to take your blog to the next level. But next to being active online it also really helps to attend events and to put yourself out there offline. When going to events you will reach new people and have the possibility to introduce yourself to other bloggers. Offline relationships influence your online presence. There are no shortcuts, you have to push yourself and be out there.

2. Invest in a lens: I always thought I had to invest in an amazing camera. When I started blogging I didn’t had enough savings to purchase a crazy camera so I started out with a Canon 600d which I purchased second hand for 100 euro but I did purchase quite early on in my ‘blogging career’ the Canon 50 mm. 1.4 lens. After doing a little research I figured that this lens would be perfect for both streetstyle as product photography and until this day I’m still very happy with it. So I’ve learned that it’s more important to spend money on a lens in your beginning days than on an actual camera.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers: a lot of people who start blogging (including myself) already have checked out quite some blogs and got their selves some favorites. As much as you might like some bloggers it’s very important to not have a certain blog/blogger as a standard of how you want your blog to look like. It’s very important to create your own online identity and niche so your visitors know which unique aspect they can expect when visiting your blog. Another things that’s really important is to understand that although the blogging market is very saturated there’s always room for new people or entrepreneurs who make a difference with their online platform.

4. It’s about the whole package: a good fashion sense or taste aren’t the only thing a fashion blogger needs. Me and my blogger friends always joke about how we are a complete team in one person. We do photography, the editing, we write, we do a little bit of design, we do the business part, we take meetings and we attend events. You have to develop amazing quality in all of the above skills. And remind yourself you have to make it worth people’s time to visit your blog.

5. Blogging can change your life: I didn’t start my blog with a big purpose but I’m slowly realizing how much blogging changed my life in so many ways. This is the thing where I’m most thankful for. I started blogging after I graduated university and I honestly think I would have NEVER ever learned as much as I did in this last year in any other job on planet earth. My blog changed my life completely, it made me so much wiser, more independent, it taught me to be a business woman but above all made me meet so many great people that I thing that I will know for the rest of my life and ultimately gave me a platform to connect with you all on everyday. All of it I would’ve never guessed before I started my blog.

That’s it guys. I hope you learned a little bit from this post as I thought about these tips a lot. Do you have any additions to this list? Looking forward to reading your comments and if you have requests for upcoming articles in these blogtips series don’t forget to leave them in the comments! Big kiss, N.

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  • Great advice – thanks for specifying which lens you invested in. I have a Canon eOS Rebel t3i and can’t afford to invest in a better camera right now (I also think the one I have right now is still pretty good). Definitely going to look into other lenses!

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    always love your advice!!! You’re seriously the best and so helpful!!!!


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    I must say, I really enjoy these posts, as they highlight what I’m experiencing myself in the world of blogging πŸ™‚ Really nice advice!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  • good article, and another tip is to blog regulary I think, no matter what

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    Bogi @RedReticule

    Great tips to take away and take to heart.
    Red Reticule

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    I agree with you. Blogging has also change my life. I think bloggers should be highly regarded. It’s a real job that prepares you for other jobs.

    Jasmine β™₯
    For a Real Woman Instagram Bloglovin

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    I love to read your tips, they’re so useful, thank you for sharing!
    XOX, Gap.

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    Another great and helpful post! I enjoy reading these posts so much! Maybe you could write a little bit more about the offline part, as that is something what you don’t think about that much as a online blogger!
    xx, Marky

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    Paula Fleur

    Your articles are so clever! I love to read them especially on Wednesday…Keep going!
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

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    laura mitbrodt

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    This is so true! Bloggers are total multitaskers. http://www.thepaarblog.com/

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    Wat een fijn artikel! Wat ik me altijd afvraag he, ik blog ook en zou eigenlijk best graag eens naar een event willen om nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten. Maar moet je altijd uitgenodigd worden voor de events of hoe zit dat?

    Alvast bedankt!


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    Sarah Porter

    Thanks Noor!!! Great advice. xxx

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    Weer een heel inspirende post <3 Goeie tips ook!

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

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    Nicolette Toddor

    Finally! I found a good, honest and informative article about fashion blogging.Thank you!

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    This is an awesome post! I love to read your articles as you always tell a bit how it is to be a blogger ‘behind the scenes’ and it’s so cool to follow you πŸ™‚

    I for myself am very timid and somehow can’t get myself to events and stuff as I always feel out of the line at those events… Do you have any tips?

    best Michaela

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    Thanks for sharing! I just started a blog so I was especially interested in reading πŸ™‚


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    Great tips, and pretty easy to apply. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing-truly helpful


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    fab post lovely, definitely a few things to think about as a semi newbie!

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    Great tips!! Thank you πŸ™‚ Lilly xx http://alittlelilly.blogspot.nl

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    So good! Nice article πŸ™‚

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    These tips are great! Thank you, they come in handy since I recently started a blog. I would love it if you guys go check it out and give me some feedback so I can work on certain stuff ! Thank you ! xxx

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    Love your blogging tips, I always can’t wait for wednesday! I’m new in the whole blogging thing so your tips are really helpful! <3

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    The Lifestyle Blog

    thanks for these tips, really handy since were new to the blogging community!
    if anyone would check out our blog we would be really appreciative and will return the favour πŸ™‚ xo


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    I totally agree with the good lens part as well! It’s the quality of the lens that you shoot with, not the body behind it. The rest will follow! πŸ™‚


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    Great advice! Looking forward to next Wednesday’s tips! Thanks

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    thanks for the tips luv, it really made me feel better. i agree always be yourself and the right audience will join you. but its quite difficult getting the hang of things


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    Rebecca Jacobs

    I’m really loving your Wednesday posts! This is another authentic and thoughtful post! Your points here really resonate with me! I can’t believe how much blogging has changed my life and it didn’t start to change my life until I stopped comparing it to others and what I thought it “should be”. Thanks for sharing xx


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    Emily Shea

    These are honestly my absolute favourite kind of posts to read. Everyone has such a unique perspective on blogging but it always comes down to the same thing: it’s all about being yourself, and meeting people. Thanks for this post! It was great to read. πŸ™‚

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    Great advices!!!
    Thanks for sharing


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    I love reading your articles on blogging, they are so helpful for a new comer like myself! thank you so much for writing them each week!

    Fashion Blogger

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    Karolayn R

    Thank you for sharing. That’s what I love about your blog, you’re so kind!


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    I love your blog, I love how honest and genuine you are!
    Thank you!!!!


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    Aaah, van je blogging tips word ik altijd blij! πŸ™‚
    En zijn dat serieus de camera en lens die je nu nog gebruikt? Want dan zet ik per direct mijn nikon te koop.
    Had ik deze tips vorig jaar maar gehad :/

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    Mooi geschreven! Dit soort berichten lees ik altijd het liefst op jouw blog, dus ga alsjeblieft zo door!

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    As a newbie I’m so thankful for every blogging-tip! Great article πŸ™‚
    xo Kristina

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    Thank you for this post! πŸ™‚

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    Belle de MO

    Great tips! and they are very encouraging also! Thank you so much for sharing. Your blog is definitely worth visiting^^

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    Marlies (GM&PB)

    I always enjoy reading your Wednesday tips. Thank you for that
    Your first point is a really good one, I always have trouble to be proud of my blog, I always minimalize it in front of others. But deep down I know I have something good going. Ok, it’s not perfect, but I’m taking steps in the good direction. And I shoudn’t be afraid telling people about it, still it’s difficult to actually go out there haha πŸ˜‰

    I’m thinking of buying a new lens (getting my first paycheck soon). Do you recommend one for outfit & product shooting?

    Have a lovely day!

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    I’m so nervous to tell more people about my blog! Where was the first place you posted about your blog?

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    Diva In Me

    It always give me hope whenever I read tips and comments like yours regarding blogging. It’s not easy to be a full-time blogger and take up blogging seriously. It makes me realize that there’s always room to grow and when I push myself a little harder, the payout will be sweet. Thank you so much for the encouraging tips.

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    You have only been blogging for a year? Now that is impressive. You have definitely come far! I think this is a great post with some great tips here. I have found my own way through social media and I think blogging has changed me, and I have learnt so much. Which makes me so happy!


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    Ik begrijp het helemaal, bloggen veranderd je leven. Er gaan deuren open die je nooit verwacht had. Zo ben ik nog steeds heel dankbaar voor dingen die ik dankzij mijn blog heb mogen doen, bijvoorbeeld front row bij Amsterdam Fashion Week, een lunch, gesprek en privΓ© concert op een boot met James Blunt. Een intiem etentje met Carice van Houten (met nog iets van 5 anderen) Dat soort dingen zijn toch geweldig!

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    Artemis Stigka

    I never had thought about the lense! I was always thinking about the camera! Thanks N!
    I’ve also recently learnt the 80/20 rule. You spend 20% of your time writinf new content and 80% of it promoting it! Haha!

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    It’s really great what you wrote. It helped me in so many ways, I always compared me with other blogs, aftrer reading this, I make all on my own way and stay independent from all bloggers. Thanks , xoxo Moni

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    Nikki Vargas

    Great post! I’d love to learn more about your social media campaigns that you reference in the first tip. I am still in that early phase of not being totally comfortable with the blatant portion of my blog so would love to hear how you leveraged social media to do so.



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    Love the advice! I’m STILL searching for an affordable camera…

    http://www.playingforeats.com | Carly

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    I’m always comparing my blog to others and I know it’s something we shouldn’t do because we’re all different. Great post I do love reading them.

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