Happy Saturday everyone! Everyone at Paris Fashion Week was talking about Kimye.. I had the pleasure of running into Kendall and Kris Jenner, (just to let you know they didn’t recognize me : ). That night Kim and Kanye took baby North to a show in a matching outfit. But North wasn’t the only little star that was fashionable (?) during this week, there were a few more, so today I’d like to discuss with you what do we think about this? Is it ok to dress kids up or should we leave them at home and treat them like kids?

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    Let them live their childhood! They will be plenty more times to dress up and go to fashion shows when they will get older. I definitely think they should keep their innocence as long as possible and live a life far from the media which, unfortunately, is quite impossible. Really, North is just too young and she doesn’t need to be around paparazzi at that age. Poor her!

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    Hmmm sja kijk…hahaha…de outfit van North op deze fotos vind ik niets voor een kind. Te ordinair en sexy. Maar zoals je zegt, zijn er veel meer van die modekindjes zoals Harper 7 of het nichtje van Alexander Wang en die vind ik wel heel ok. Het zijn wel modepopjes maar op een kind-like manier. En als je ouders nou in het modewereldje zitten dan speelt mode nou eenmaal een grotere rol dan bij de bakker uit Lutjebroek. Als je ook nog eens geld genoeg hebt om je kind elke dag Stella McCartney aan te doen, ja, tuurlijk, lekker doen toch? Maar laat ze wel kind blijven. Als ik foto’s zie van het nichtje van Wang of de dochter van Kate Moss dan stralen ze altijd iets positiefs uit, dat heb ik niet op foto’s van Suri of North. Bottom line, veels te lange reactie van mij en zolang je je kind kind laat zijn zeg ik amen!

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    As long as the kids are comfortable in what they are wearing, it doesn’t really matter how they are dressed. But I know, I would never dress my kid (if I had one) in skinny jeans or other tight clothing.
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    Let kids be kids! That can’t be comfortable nor warm for her! I know no one is going to mistake North for being a grown up but that doesn’t mean she can get away with being dressed as one. If North is learning to walk she needs to be in comfortable shoes- not fashionable shoes!

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    Jessica Edmunds

    I think pretty clothes and outfits are fun when they WANT to play dress up, but not using them as a mannekin 🙁 xxx

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    I think this is too much! Children are children, they have to play, eat, laugh, learn and little more. This media attention, jet lag travelling, and so on is not good for them… This is just my opinion, at the end of the day each mum knows what’s the best for her baby!
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    Nikki from Grunge October

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    I am a big fan of the Kardashians and I am jealous of you meeting some of them! I think North West is adorable, but I wish that Kim would dress her in little girl clothes instead of high fashion at this age. She’s just a baby and should enjoy that time of wearing little girly clothes instead of all black.

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    Cute photos! Have a great weekend!


  • Reply October 12, 2014

    Emily Shea

    That poor little girl. I feel like they just put her in the spotlight, as if they want her to be the most famous baby in the world (which they probably do). Its just unfair in my opinion.

  • Reply October 12, 2014


    she looks so miserable


  • Reply October 12, 2014

    Kim ter Stege

    I think this is too much. Just a touch of lace or shine through material is okay, for an occasional. Either way, I think North isn’t dressed as a 15/16 month old kid. She should wear comfy and cute clothes!

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    I don’t like this, it makes me think of little monkeys for the Circus, it’s awful and not cute. Kids should wear kids clothes (WTF, see through dress on a baby, really ?!!), there’s a lot of nice kids clothes ! I admire the russian streetstyle star Natasha Goldenberg for her own style but also for the fact that her little girl is always well dress with cute clothes but not too dressed up. This picture of baby North scares me, poor girl !

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    cassandra ikegbune

    Adeline just said my whole mind up there!


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    let them be kids, look at her she’s miserable in both of those photos. How is she supposed to play in that silly outfit. Fancy dresses and matching outfits can be cute but only for a special occasion and sparingly. These pair use that child as an accessory

  • Reply October 13, 2014

    Sarah Porter

    Hi Noor,

    I think kids clothing needs to be comfy. I can always remember the times my mum dressed me in uncomfortable clothing. I think the lace dress with a high neck around the baby will be really scratchy and not so comfortable for her against her neck. But it’s up to the parents how they want to treat their kids. If we were all alike the world would be a boring place!


  • Reply October 13, 2014

    MD (@ByourBself)

    I am all about dressing your kids in cute outfits but they still got to look like kids!! They are plenty of adorable kid’s clothes out there, you don’t need to dress them like adults to make them fashionable.

  • Reply October 14, 2014


    Het is leuk om ze fashionable aan te kleden maar het moet natuurlijk ook lekker zitten. Dat is het belangrijkste! En een kind moet zich ook als kind kunnen voelen, anders ben je als ouders verkeerd bezig.. Wat dat betreft heb ik mijn twijfels over deze ouders 😉

  • Reply October 19, 2014


    What the hell she only a baby. Why would u dress ur child like that. I remember when my daughter was a baby I used to make her wear beautiful dresses they look better in them. But every parent is different. My heart goes to that poor baby she looks miserable in the outfit.

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