1. Reply to your e-mails. I used to be so late with replying to e-mails as I always had this thing in my head where I wanted to reply with the perfect e-mail. I ended up very unorganized and wasn’t super effective as e-mails were piling up. I forced myself to immediately reply to e-mails once I’ve read them, no matter what time it is, because this is the only way for me to not get super behind and to be more efficient.

2. Make an excel sheet with your contacts. This is really important one and I wish I  did this when I started blogging. Make an excell sheet where you insert all your contacts. Every time you get in touch with a brand or PR person, or have a collaboration write the contact details of the brand and contact person in your sheet. It’s very useful when you want to request something or if you have other people working in your office to have this.

3. Make a monthly global schedule in your calendar with what posts are coming up. A lot of collaboration posts need to go online at an certain date, but also it’s nice to know for yourself when you need to shoot new contact and to kind of plan everything ahead. I already know I’m doing blogtips every Wednesday so on all my Wednesdays I can put blogtips in my calendar. Once an idea pops into my head that might be relevant for a certain time I’ll write it down on that Wednesday so I can do a little research and work towards it.

4. Update your mediakit monthly. Statistics change all the time, especially when you’re in the first two years of blogging so it’s good to keep track of these changes in your mediakit.

5. Have your calendar open all the time. I used to forget dates of events all the time and was very inefficient with time management. Same as with my e-mails I always leave my calendar open so I can write down events that I will attend or that I’m hosting down immediately.

6. To do lists. Essential in everyone’s life, needless to say this is a must for being organized as a blogger!

7. Try to create an office space that is not distracting. At the beginning of my ‘blogging’ career I started working from my couch whenever I was home which didn’t make me focused as much as I wanted to. I know have an office but in between I tried to create a little desk and made myself work there every day. Even the feeling of sitting behind a desk can give you just that little bit of extra focus.

That’s it guys! Hope this article helped and looking forward to your comments as always! I have a really nice series of posts coming up, the first one on Friday, which is a little related to my Wednesday posts, I hope you will love them too, so stay tuned! Big kiss, N.

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