We always talk about what to do to become a great blogger but for this week I thought it could be interesting to talk about where blogging can actually take you and what you can achieve through blogging. Never in a million years would I have expected how this journey would be and all the amazing things that would happen, it’s truly so rewarding to create content for a appreciative audience. So here are my thoughts about what you can achieve through blogging:

1. Learn how to be a professional: I personally studied at an art school (Museum Studies) which was very creative but I for sure didn’t learn anything about business or work ethics. Because I’ve been self employed for over a year know I really had to teach myself how to be professional and how to be a business woman, which I’m still learning a lot about but I can really say I achieved a little bit of professionally here.

2. Make new friends: I think after a certain age it’s very hard to get to know new people, especially people who have the same interests as you. I found through blogging it’s very easy to get in touch with super nice people who have the same interest as me and for that I’m so, so thankful and it’s something even though I won’t be blogging anymore (like that would happen ever) I still would have all my ‘new’ friends. It’s so nice to talk to people who do the exact same thing as you, it gets hard to explain in daily life from time to time what it exactly is you’re doing.

3. You learn a lot about yourself: Being so busy with yourself as I always like to joke about you definilty learn a lot about yourself, which is so important to improve your skills. You get to know your limits and you learn to develop your qualities more and more and get to find out what your strengths are.

4. Develop creativity: I get so driven to create unique and new content everyday. With every article or post I create I try to use as much creativity as possible and through doing so I feel like I challenge myself more and more hence I’m getting more creative.

5. Gain new skills: I’ve always been interested in photography and did it on the side of things a bit before but I really pushed myself (and am still pushing myself) to get the best out of what I can do and to learn new things about editing and my camera every day. Next to that I (think) I learned how to pose and to make things look good in a picture. I learned about composition, about writing and of course got so many tech skills (thanks WordPress!).

6. Get a full time job: The ultimate achievement for a lot of bloggers out there is to become a full time fashion blogger and get a full time salary every month. This wasn’t my goal but since last May I decided to stop what I was doing and to focus full time on blogging. I feel really blessed and thankful for the opportunity to do this. Every now and then I still help in my boyfriends company, which is in the music industry, because I get sick of my own face quite often and I think it’s good to put your mind off things and to get the blogging obsessiveness a little bit less.

7. Have a platform where you can express everything you want: This is the best achievement of all I think. It’s so nice to know that every time an idea pops into your head, or something amazing happens you can go online and share it with a lot of people who are enjoying seeing it.

That’s it! Of course I would love to hear your additions to this list, and I hope I motivated everyone to start a blog or to get you all super excited about our little (well, actually quite large) blogging community. Big kiss, N.