Today’s let’s discuss is (of course) about one of my favorite subjects: the internet and how we deal with it. There’s always a lot of discussion going on about sharing too much of yourself on the internet, whether it is showing too much of your skin, showing too much of your personality or showing too much of your personal life. As you all (especially bloggers) know it’s so easy to start sharing more and more but we never really ask ourselves if this is something everybody is interested in. What I would love to know today is how you guys feel about bloggers sharing too much of their personal life? Is this something you thing could be an asset to a blog or do you think blogs should have a bigger separation between personal and professional? Looking forward to reading your comments about this! Big kiss, N.

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    Fashion Party blog

    Hmm I think a blogger should write down a list of things/parts of her life she will share with others and the things that should stay private. And then she should keep that in mind everytime she writes an article.


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    Ik denk dat een blogger daar zelf moet over beslissen wat te ver gaat en wat niet. Natuurlijk vind ik dat als je over mensen in je omgeving (vriend, familie, vriendinnen) schrijft, je natuurlijk hun toestemming moet hebben en misschien hun naam ook niet vermeld 🙂

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    Peppermint Dolly

    I think people need to be safe. Blogging can be wonderful for the writer and the reader, but we all still need to remember to be safe and careful about how much personal details we share freely with the world



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    We read blogs because they’re personal, they feel real, so why not share our lives? If we see something we do not like or feel it is excessive, we can simply unfollow, or stop reading. Simple 🙂 http://theanti-tourist.blogspot.com/

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    I love to learnmore about my favourite bloggers, so I guess sharing is caring indeed!

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    The blogs I enjoy reading the most usually have a more personal aspect to it, but there’s definitely a risk in taking it too far. I think it’s possible to be personal without revealing too much about yourself (as in names, ages and exact locations, relationships etc that could pose a security risk). Mind you, I do have a habit of going off on the odd ‘rant’ which could qualify as over sharing 😉

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    Interesting subject!
    I think there are so many different kinds of (more and less proffessional/personal) blogs and every kind has its readers and followers (as you have with more and less proffessional/gossipy magazines)! Every reader apprecciates something else so it’s good that there is something for everybody!
    I personally don’t like the blogs which are treated as bussiness only and looking as an online magazine. I enjoy reading blogs from “real people” but wel with a professional lay out 😉

    X, Marky

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    Lillie Mysel

    I actually like reading about personal life topics (not because I’m nosy) but I look at it as though whomever may be writing it, trusts the people who are reading it and I just find that beautiful..it also looks like they are so comfortable in whatever they are talking about and they have a lot of courage..so I like it a lot! xo


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    To be honest I quite like it when bloggers share more personal things, I think everyone likes to know more about the people behind their favourite blogs! Obviously there are things that shouldn’t be shared, like your home address etc, but apart from that, a blogger should share anything they want, as long as they feel totally comfortable with it!
    Emily xxx

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    Willemijn Sofie

    I think you have to make it clear for yourself what goes online and what not. Privacy is an important thing and what ever goes online stays online… so better be careful with that.

    X Willemijn Sofie

    Amsterdam So Fashion

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    I think it great for bloggers to share some of their personnal life with their readers but everything has limits so they shouldn’t share too much for their own good.

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    Although I am safe, for instance I would never post my address etc. online, I do share a lot of my experiences and day to day struggles online. It’s always worked for me, and people relate and I speak to a lot more people than usual because of it. I think it’s a personal choice with how much you’re willing/comfortable to share.

    Sammy xo.


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    well, I think that really some people share very personal things that if I were them I wouldn’t share with others… 🙂 but still it’s their decision, their lives… :))))))

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    I don’t think there are a certain set of rules and regulations; I think it all depends on how much you want to share online, regardless of what other believe to be right or wrong!x

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    The Accidental Mama

    I am torn on this. On one hand, the blogs that I like share a lot. It helps me connect emotionally with them. But I worry about kid’s privacy, etc. So I don’t know. I would never post any personal information but maybe general experiences?
    The Accidental Mama

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    I do believe that some people do share a lot – especially in terms of skin. I do not agree with the entire women should be allowed to do whatever they want and that people who do not want to see bodies are oppressing women. I posted an article I agreed with about all the half naked bodies on instagram that said women who do this are essentially selling their bodies for free as opposed to the VS models who are getting paid to put a garment on and selling it. There is a time and place for everything and I do not think photos of yourself in your underwear belong on the internet.

    Secondly, I shared quite a bit of different aspects of my life on varying social media platforms including twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr. Right up until one day I got death threats and had someone call me very vile names and told me very disgusting things. As I sat there and tried to figure out who it was I realized that the person took the time to search and find me and all of my social media platforms as well as the social media platforms of my loved ones (guy I was dating as well as siblings) as they could tell me their names/ages etc.

    While I do enjoy blogging, I try to keep myself away from sharing too much now.

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    I think personal blogs are definitely the most interesting – the kind where you get a sense of person behind and there is some real substance to the posts. I really appreciate it when people share thoughts on matters that aren’t necessarily easy going or speak their true mind about issues that most people go through at some point in life – and that stuff often tends to get quite personal. Issues that others can relate to (there’s always going to be someone who feels the same way) and I guess that’s the most important aspect of the whole ‘blogging world’, right? …sharing content that will inspire others in some way or the other. I think you shouldn’t put yourself out there in a way that can hurt you or write stuff you won’t be proud of in the long run – and as others mentioned in the tread, I reckon you have to be careful what you share regarding names, home address etc. but I think most bloggers are aware of that. xo

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    Well, you always label your post as ‘personal’ if it contains personal info or your opinion. So I think that’s a good thing to do. That way we know the difference between the two. Some people have really succesful blogs because they share a lot of their personal life.. So it depends I guess..

    x Wilmke – http://www.winwonderland.com

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    I think people can share whatever they want on thier blog, but when they put thier business on thier blog and all social media outlets it gets a little overwhelming. If people want to keep a diary I think its better to keep it offline.

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    The subject of ‘TMI’ within the blogosphere is a great topic to explore and I believe the answer really depends on the type of blog the person is generating. For example, I don’t believe a personal lifestyle blog should be expected to remain professional. Followers are interested in the way the blogger has executed their opinions and the writer should not feel pressured into adapting their writing style to please viewers who are seeking a conservative blog. Blogging is such a popular trend that if someone is displeased with the way content has been stated, they can easily find another blogger with similar views and perhaps what they’d consider to be a more respectable tone. Blogging is an opportunity for people to really showcase their personality and I have to say, if you’re inclined to present information in a way that ‘pushes the envelope’, do it; all the power to you. The world needs more people who are confident and comfortable enough to say what they feel (as long as the words do not harm others, of course). However, if the purpose of someone’s blog is to impress potential employers, they may want to keep it professional by using proper sentence structure, impeccable grammar and maybe, losing the profanity. Overall though, I believe blogging to be an online diary where those who are brave enough share their ideas and stories; a place where people can write freely, and without guidelines.

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