queen of jet lags striped dress (1 of 1)-4_Fotor_Fotor

I did the thing I never expected myself to do: I chopped off my hair! I think I’ve had long hair since I was 12 so this is quite a change for me. It might not seem so extreme to some of you but I feel different with this hair. When I was on a holiday in Ibiza last week I was so annoyed with my hair, it only looked good when I invested some time in it and I felt like every outfit would look better with shorter hair, a little bit more chique in general I guess. As you all know I have an very crazy life and honestly I don’t have a lot of time to get myself ready and do my hair usually so out of the blue I got this idea that I needed to cut my hair. This week I spend one day at home in Amsterdam and immediately went to the hairdresser who kindly asked me if I wanted to think about it for a couple of weeks. So I said no and we went ahead and just went for it.

I’m pretty happy with the result and am already even more happy with the time it’s saving me! The biggest thing for me is to find out what you are all thinking of this new hair do! Big kiss, N.

queen of jet lags striped dress (1 of 1)-3_Fotor_Fotorqueen of jet lags striped dress (1 of 1)_Fotor_Fotorqueen of jet lags striped dress (1 of 1)-6_Fotor_Fotorqueen of jet lags striped dress (1 of 1)-5_Fotor_Fotorqueen of jet lags striped dress (1 of 1)-2_Fotor_Fotor

Dress: Forever21 Boots: Sixty Seven Coat: H&M Bracelets: Hermes and 4EVERWITHEVERYONE Bag: Zara

Photography: Nathalie Kemna


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