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After spending a day in Amsterdam I had the biggest pleasure of visiting one of my favorite cities in the world again: Paris! I got invited by Swarovski to spend the day with them in Paris so of course immediately said yes. My mum absolutely loves the brand so I was very excited to find out a little bit more. In Paris we visited the headquarters where (absolutely gorgeous) Natalie Colin gave us all the details we needed about the current collection of the brand. It was great to experience Swarovski this way, I actually got a feeling and vibe from the brand which is very rare if you compare this to when you just read a press release of a brands collection. I feel much more affiliated with the brand now, and am very excited about building more of a relationship with them. We had such a fun day, we were traveling with a lovely group of girls and of course ended the day at LaDuree. Now off to Miami! Big kiss, N.

Photography by Rebecca Laurey (if you don’t know her, check out her blog it is a-maa-zing)

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