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After some of your requests and because I really enjoy these sort of articles I decided to make a full New York diary with all my tips about this city. I made so many photos and didn’t want to put them randomly in an outfit post so this article was perfect to share them all!

For food:

1. ABC Kitchen: Now I’ve heard and seen many pictures on my Instagram feed about this awesome place but it wasn’t until babe Emilee (check out her bloggie) suggested we’d go there for brunch. I’d like to be modest but I just ate at so many good spots around the world so it’s very rare for me to get impressed this much as I got at ABC Kitchen. This is 100% for sure one of my favorites places I’ve EVER been to! Just go and check it out and make sure you have some food there.

2. Jack’s Wife Freda: For breakfast, lunch and diner, super cozy, and the food is perfect. Also located at a very good spot.

3. La Columbe: This is the place to go to for coffee. When I’m in the US I usually find it hard to find a good spot to get strong coffee but when one of my friends took me here I knew this was the perfect solution for long days. There are a couple if New York so Google, Google!

4. ABC Coccina: The second time during our week in New York we wanted to go for brunch at ABC Kitchen again on Sunday but since they were already completely booked (be sure to make your reservations on time) we decided to try out ABC Coccina. Now this has to be my second favorite place. It’s basically the more southern version of ABC Kitchen, just as good, just a bunch of different flavors.

5. Magnolia Bakery: I don’t think there is much of an explanation needed for this one. If you want to get the most delicious cupcakes, just go here!

6. The Butcher’s Daughter: Bagels, bagels bagels! They’re so good here and what else do you need during lunch in New York?

7. The Smith NYC: Best salads ever!

Shopping & other to do’s

1. Soho: I’m the biggest online shopper and to be honest, New York is one of the few cities I actually go shopping. As I don’t go shopping that much I don’t have very specific advice but I can definitely recommend to just walk around in Soho as there are so so so many lovely stores out there!

2. Picknick in Central Park: Especially during Spring is this just one of the most wonderful experiences in life to do ever. As New York restaurants can be very expensive it is also a good budget tip!

3. Visit the Moma and the Guggenheim: Both belong in my top 10 museums of the world so if you have the chance, go and check it out! I won’t recommend going to either one of them for more than 2 hours as it can really wear you out but either way a must see.

4. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge: This to me is just the coolest New York experience, be sure to take your camera as you will pass many photogenic spots ;-).


1. Citizen M Times Square: Thanks to Bloggernet I got to stay a couple of nights in this hotel located at Times Square. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a hotel room where the space was used as efficient as this one. And a plus, the hotel is very Instagramable :-). The view from the hotel rooms is amazing, and the biggest plus is the super delicious breakfast. Everything I like for my breakfast was there, so yummy!  There’s also a very cute bookstore by the breakfast area where you can grab a book to enjoy your breakfast with.

2. Hotel Elysee: After staying in the Citizem M, Hotel Elysee was the complete opposite. The hotel is absolutely classic and gorgeous and don’t even get me started about the most perfect roof terrace in our room (you can spot it in one of the pictures!). Location is everything in New York and this hotel is situated in the perfect area (Between Madison and Park on 54th street).

3. The Standard – Meatpacking District: This is the hotel I would say I’ve stayed most in during my stays in New York. Many of you are probably already familiar with the hotel. My favorite Standard hotel in New York is this one because I absolutely adore the Meatpacking District. The hotel is looking out on the Hudson and the highline and all the shops in the area just make me go bankrupt every time (Hello Jeffrey’s) we stay here!

Hope you enjoy all the photographs and guys, any recommendations are always more than welcome as I will visit New York again very soon! Big kiss, N.

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    beautiful New York pics and wonderful tips 🙂

  • Reply November 20, 2014


    Ahhh gorgeous! Can’t wait to go back to New York!


  • Reply November 20, 2014


    This looks perfect! I really really really want to go to New York!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  • Reply November 20, 2014

    laura mitbrodt

    Nice this makes me want to go to NYC

  • Reply November 20, 2014

    Paula Fleur

    Thank you for sharing tips! I am going to NY in spring 2015 for the very first time
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

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    Oh my, I need to visit New York again and soon!

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    (Red) Sonja

    Prachtige foto’s allemaal! Een picknick in Central Park lijkt mij ook héél leuk! Ik heb ook een paar keer wel lekker in het park in het gras gezeten! Af en toe was het zo warm! Lijkt me leuk om een keer in de lente te gaan en echt te picknicken! The Brooklyn Bridge is ook een van mijn favorieten! Ik heb er zelfs outfit foto’s gemaakt!

    Wat ik zelf echt héél tof vond waren deze 3 dingen:
    1) Staten Island Ferry: Gratis en je kan heel mooi de skyline en het vrijheidsbeeld zien.
    2) Roosevelt Island Tram en het eiland zelf: de tram vliegt door de lucht over een paar drukke kruispunten, langs gebouwen en over de Hudson River. Dat is al heel gaaf! Maar op het eiland zelf heb je een leuk en super rustig parkje en als je die helemaal afloopt naar het meest downtown puntje dan heb je een prachtig uitzicht over de rivier, Manhattan en de Manhattan Bridge! Was ook een toplocatie voor foto’s vond ik zelf, omdat het er zo rustig was! Kan je gratis doen met unlimited metro card en anders is het 2,50 enkele reis pp
    3) Top of the Rock met zonsondergang. Geweldig uitzicht op Empire State Building, Central Park en heel Manhattan eigenlijk, haha! Wel op tijd gaan, want t duurt best lang voor je helemaal boven bent omdat je 100 keer in de rij moet voor dingen 😉

    Misschien wist je deze al, maar vind dit zelf echt aanraders!

    • Reply November 20, 2014

      Queen of Jet Lags

      Zo leuk dat jij er net ook geweest bent! En wat cool dat je op de Brooklyn Bridge outfit foto’s gemaakt hebt :-). De Roosevelt Island Tram klinkt ook onwijs leuk, die moet ik volgende keer ook een keer uitproberen dat heb ik nog nooit gedaan! Thanks voor je tips :-). xx

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    Thanks for the tips! I really want to go to New York! x

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    The Fashion Panda

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    girl blussh

    very nice tips and beautiul outfit !!

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    super leuke post! Ik ben echt een super grote fan van NYC maar nog nooit geweest.. Helaas.. Hoop dat ik deze tips snel uit kan proberen!!


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    Malonda Rose

    Thank you for sharing. I’ll maybe go to New York next year so this will help me a lot.

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    What wonderful post!


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    This is my dream city I hope one day I can visit it and even better move to! xx

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    Great tips! Thank you for sharing. I love NY!

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    Marky (My Pink Boudoir)

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for your tips, I’m going to NYC soon, so this post came at a perfect time 😉

    X, Marky

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    Great post! Must add ABC Kitchen to my New York travel list for my upcoming trip xx

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    i enjoy reading your blog posts as they are amazing! love your outfit and maybe one day i shall step feet in New York. hehe

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    Beautiful images

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