Happy Wednesday everyone. Of course I have another blogtips article prepared for you as I’m beginning to notice it’s most people’s favorite post on my blog at the moment. I get so happy from reading your comments every Wednesday as I put a lot of time and effort in these posts. There’s one thing all of us are always interested in and that is how to get more traffic to your blog. Today I’m sharing simple tips on how to increase traffic through social media:

1. Sync your Instagram with Facebook and Twitter: a very easy step that I just recently got around to. On Instagram there’s a share option and you have to sync your blog’s Facebook page and Twitter just once and after that you can always share your Instagram picture with just one click. Very simple and fast and will increase your traffic when you put your bloglink in the text with your picture.

2. Install a Pin it Button on your blog: for me Pinterest is something that’s also still a bit new to me although I love it! I just installed a pin it button on all my blog pictures so when people pin an image from my blog and it gets shared a lot it will draw traffic to my blog.

3. Timing: timing is everything on social media. Before you decide what are good times for you to post you have to analyse (or check Google Analytic) in which country you have the most visitors. If I do my Facebook updates in the afternoon for example it usually doesn’t’ do anything but if I post around 9 AM I always get a lot of traffic so I decided to stick with that. I think it’s good to try out some different times to find out what the best timing for you is to post!

4. Include your blog link in all your bio’s: on all social media, you have the option to fill in an URL in your bio. Some people still forget this but it’s so important! If you write something funny with it, or why people should click on it you will most likely get more traffic as well.

5. Tag brands/people: always tag brands or people you post about in your updates on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook! This way a LOT more people will see your posts which increases your visability and most likely your traffic as well.

6. Make your content shareable: this is a hard one because the first question people mostly ask is ‘what are images shareable’? When it comes to fashion blogging I think the most shareable pictures are usually the ones that don’t show your face. Sounds rude, but people usually share pictures in which they kind of can pretend it’s their life so there feed will not be filled with ‘other’ people’s pictures. Of course high quality and a good shot belong to the list of shareable images as well.

7. Ask questions on your social media channels: this is the one thing that helped me most with getting traffic to my blog. Always make people curious to click on a link. Write things such as: ‘want to know what my new favorite wintercoat looks like? Find it out now on http://’ on your socials so people have a reason to visit your blog.

8. Include hashtags: I know this works, although I’m personally too lazy to use hashtags. I’ve been getting a little aversion against this as there are so many people who use an overkill of hashtags but when you use the right ones this actually shows you to a broader audience!

9. Share your updates twice: like I mentioned in the previous point about the hashtags, sharing your bloglink too often will annoy people but I have found that sharing your newest blog updates twice a day is mostly appreciated. A lot of people might miss your updates in the morning and would love to check your blog at night!

There’s so many specified information about the internet about this subject if you’re looking for anything more specific! I hope this helped and if you have more tips or tricks please leave them in the comments :-)!

Disclaimer: Header image found on Weheartit