Happy Wednesday everyone. Of course I have another blogtips article prepared for you as I’m beginning to notice it’s most people’s favorite post on my blog at the moment. I get so happy from reading your comments every Wednesday as I put a lot of time and effort in these posts. There’s one thing all of us are always interested in and that is how to get more traffic to your blog. Today I’m sharing simple tips on how to increase traffic through social media:

1. Sync your Instagram with Facebook and Twitter: a very easy step that I just recently got around to. On Instagram there’s a share option and you have to sync your blog’s Facebook page and Twitter just once and after that you can always share your Instagram picture with just one click. Very simple and fast and will increase your traffic when you put your bloglink in the text with your picture.

2. Install a Pin it Button on your blog: for me Pinterest is something that’s also still a bit new to me although I love it! I just installed a pin it button on all my blog pictures so when people pin an image from my blog and it gets shared a lot it will draw traffic to my blog.

3. Timing: timing is everything on social media. Before you decide what are good times for you to post you have to analyse (or check Google Analytic) in which country you have the most visitors. If I do my Facebook updates in the afternoon for example it usually doesn’t’ do anything but if I post around 9 AM I always get a lot of traffic so I decided to stick with that. I think it’s good to try out some different times to find out what the best timing for you is to post!

4. Include your blog link in all your bio’s: on all social media, you have the option to fill in an URL in your bio. Some people still forget this but it’s so important! If you write something funny with it, or why people should click on it you will most likely get more traffic as well.

5. Tag brands/people: always tag brands or people you post about in your updates on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook! This way a LOT more people will see your posts which increases your visability and most likely your traffic as well.

6. Make your content shareable: this is a hard one because the first question people mostly ask is ‘what are images shareable’? When it comes to fashion blogging I think the most shareable pictures are usually the ones that don’t show your face. Sounds rude, but people usually share pictures in which they kind of can pretend it’s their life so there feed will not be filled with ‘other’ people’s pictures. Of course high quality and a good shot belong to the list of shareable images as well.

7. Ask questions on your social media channels: this is the one thing that helped me most with getting traffic to my blog. Always make people curious to click on a link. Write things such as: ‘want to know what my new favorite wintercoat looks like? Find it out now on http://’ on your socials so people have a reason to visit your blog.

8. Include hashtags: I know this works, although I’m personally too lazy to use hashtags. I’ve been getting a little aversion against this as there are so many people who use an overkill of hashtags but when you use the right ones this actually shows you to a broader audience!

9. Share your updates twice: like I mentioned in the previous point about the hashtags, sharing your bloglink too often will annoy people but I have found that sharing your newest blog updates twice a day is mostly appreciated. A lot of people might miss your updates in the morning and would love to check your blog at night!

There’s so many specified information about the internet about this subject if you’re looking for anything more specific! I hope this helped and if you have more tips or tricks please leave them in the comments :-)!

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  • Thanks for another fab post. I suspect I probably tweet far too much about my blog updates!!xx

  • Great tips – thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  • Super cool tips! Still I miss Pin button on my blog. I must add it soon
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

  • Thank you for the tips!! πŸ™‚

  • Love these blog tips! I’ve found the exact same thing about timing your posts on Facebook. Makes such a huge difference.

  • Great tips!
    I already do that one about instagram, and works really well! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    HelΓ΄, from Vestido do dia

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    Great blog post! I didn’t know that you could link the blog facebook page with instagram so will definitely be doing that!

    Oh and happy Wednesday!

    Deimante x

  • Thanks for sharing those great tips ! πŸ™‚

  • I’ve set a pin it button on my pictures right now πŸ™‚


  • I really look forward to your Wednesday posts, it is plain to see that you put effort and research into your content.
    Maybe you could explain how to add a Pinterest Button to your pictures? I have one on my site, but don’t succeed on syncing it with my pics, and it is a feature I highly appreciate on other blogs.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Thank you so much for this post. Most of these things I am already doing (yeah! great to know I am on the right track). Do you have any recommendation when to publish your post for the second time during the day? As you wrote earlier that you hardly get any feedback when you post in the afternoon (I see the same) I would love to hear when you are posting the second time πŸ™‚

  • Superfijne tips! Er zitten er echt een paar bij waar ik wat mee ga doen! Dankjewel!

  • Some really great tips. I have just recently started tagging people/brands in my updates on Twitter and IG and noticed the difference in traffic. It definitely helped my social media accounts grow a little.

  • Savannah

    Great tips once again! x

  • Goede tips Noor!!

    X Wilmke

  • Nice tips here, it’s always good to have a reminder of what you should do! I’m so bad at sharing my posts enough on social media though! πŸ™‚

  • Another great post! I too love your Wednesday posts! Thanks for always sharing! xx


  • This was so helpful, love it thank youo <3

  • Your tips are always very appreciated! Kirsten xx

  • Great tips and thank you so much for sharing! I like the idea of having the ‘pin it’ button on my blog! x

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    I love all of you blog post!! Xo

  • wat een goede tips. Ik zie veel van dit soort posts voorbij komen de laatste tijd maar dit is de eerste met tips waar ik echt ook wat mee kan. Thnx

  • Of all the articles like this I’ve read, this one is the most helpful. You diversified your points on social media and topics that other people covered, enough so that they weren’t repeating the same advice and I love that you used personal experiences. Thanks love!

  • I absolutely LOVE reading your tips! Thank you for helping the beginners like myself!

  • Thanks for the tips!

  • Very usefull! If I have a new blog post, I tweet twice but not on the same day……xoxo

  • it’s true, these are definitely some of my favorite posts you have going on right now! thanks for all the help!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Great tips!! I’ll be sure to use these to promote my blog. Thanks for sharing!

    Chalsie | The Workshop Co. x

  • I love that you do these posts – they’re informative, friendly and not too long – it’s great how you take 1 area and do a handfull of tips, makes it a lot easier to take on board your points and actually stick with them!


  • Great tips – thank you !

  • Great tips! Especially the one about posting twice about blog updates. I’ve never thought to do that! I always think that posting it once is enough and if I miss people, then I miss people!

    Thanks for sharing!
    The MAMA Gazette

  • Thank you so much for sharing this tips! #greatpost #Iloveblogs

  • En gebruik de juiste hashtags! Dus niet zoals je vaak ziet een foto van bv een meisje met een hondje en dan #chanel #newyork #fashionblogger #primark #vogue, of weet ik wat voor ‘populaire’ hashtags er dan bij gezet worden.

  • Such helpful tips! Definitely going to use some of them! x

    Blog Marjorie

  • Thank you for your advice. These are some fantastic tips that I will be putting into use with my own blog πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Joy

    Thanks for the tips!

    I don’t think you really need hashtags when you’ve already got a nice following on your social media channels. For me it really makes a difference if I use hashtags or not since I’ve only got around 800 insta followers for example. I try to choose my hashtags wisely by analysing them via iconosquare. That way I avoid using abundant hashtags. I really don’t like it when people use irrelevant hashtags like #tagsforlikes or something!

    For insta I mostly also hashtag a few ones in the original text and sometimes add a few in the comments. Doing this gives you the opportunity to show up in search result without cluttering up your description!

    Also I like to keep track of the hashtags brands use. For instance, H&M started using their ‘own’ hashtag #HMOOTD. They’ll be searching this hashtag (otherwise, why would they have started using it). If I’m wearing H&M items in my look, I’ll use #HMOOTD instead of #OOTD which I normally would have used.

    Unusually long comment, wow!
    I really need to start working on my essay now…


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  • Great info Noor. I love hearing these tips from you because I have watched you grow over the last year! I remember when you commented on one of my posts a while ago and I now make regular visits to your blog. You inspire me! Keep up the fabulous work <3

  • Brilliant blog tips – I will make sure to incorporate them in my blog, especially the sync feature for instagram – I didn’t know that! Thank you for teaching me something new =) xx

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW

  • This is great advice x

  • These are such good tips! I will definitely be putting them to good use πŸ™‚ thank you.

    Georgina x

  • Interesting post ) my blog

  • Goede tips, bedankt!
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    Thanks for the tips! I’ve just started out so really appreciate them!


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    Thank you for the tips! They were very helpful.

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    Great tips! I started blogging in Jan so this is a huge help for me x

  • These are all great tips, especially about the timing! Thank you for sharing!

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  • Really helpful:)
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    What a wonderful tips!

  • Thank you for your tips, as I’m a new blogger, it’s really helpful!
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    These are great tips! I try to follow them all but like you, I get lazy with hashtags! I really need to work on my timing though, it can be so tough to figure out the right time to publish posts/tweets/etc!

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  • Thanks for the tips – I’m trying to up my social media game and these were really helpful πŸ™‚

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  • That’s was really helpful for gaining traffic through social media.