I think one thing everyone is always interested in is to get the best possible pictures. I knew a little bit about photography when I started blogging but I’ve learned so, so much these last years. I’m still learning everyday but since so many people always ask questions about my pictures I decided to write down 7 tips for taking blog pictures which you can all implement right away. I’m not an expert, I’m just sharing my experience and I hope it helps you all :-). For those of you asking, I mostly use my Canon 7D with a 85 mm 1.4 lens for pictures on the blog!

1. Always use daylight: I think for us bloggers its nice to come across in a natural way when we’re sharing our outfit pictures. I guess most of you all look for inspiration on a fashion blogger website and want to feel like they can relate to your style (although a little editorial from time to time doesn’t hurt) I think it’s the nicest to just shoot your outfits in the streets when the light is bright and shiny. Your outfit will most likely look the most true to the actual item when you use the daylight as well, plus plus plus.

2. Take a picture with your phone of your outfit before you shoot the actual outfit: this may sound so stupid to a lot of people but trust me, experience taught me this is one of the best tips I can ever give you. I can’t recall how many times I absolutely loved an outfit in the office (for example) and got so comfortable with it that I was convinced the outfit must be looking good on camera as well but truth be told, not every outfit is photogenic. Whenever I feel like shooting an outfit I just use my Iphone in my closet to take a mirror picture to see how the look and feel of the outfit is on camera, this way I usually get a good idea whether it will work or not.

3. Location: How do I start on this one.. I can’t give you one specific tip on which location you need to pick for a shoot but do always think of the location and take this into consideration when you go and shoot an outfit or a product. To me it’s one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of a shoot as it can really make or break the post. I think you guys can figure that shooting an outfit in busy streets usually will look better than shooting in the barn of your garden.

4. Use real life props to make your pictures more vibey: Having someone take your pictures as  a fashion blogger can be somewhat nerve wrecking as it’s quite unnatural and a little  awkward and (sometimes) gets a little boring, especially when you’re doing the same type of shoots everyday. I always try to find real life props like leaves, water, bicycles, basically anything to make it part of the pictures and give it a cooler vibe. It’s also a fun challenge for yourself!

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5. Learn about your camera settings: In the beginning I wanted to learn way to quickly and just wanted to get started with taking pictures. As you will find out later along the way you actually need to take some time to learn about your settings. Google, check the Q&A’s on your favorite blogs and educate yourself before you’re going to take awesome pictures!

6. Plan ahead: Planning is key and I’m being honest now, I suck at it. However every time I get around to planning my outfits ahead before shooting, I think of which location the outfit will look good at and check the weather reports and make sure to go out and shoot around the best possible time I get the best shoots done.

7. Turn something that appears to be negative into something positive: We all (especially us Nordic and UK bloggers) have days when it just won’t stop raining, when the wind is making your eyes cry or when the light is just one big grey mess. Instead of getting upset about try to turn it into something positive and be creative and inventive about it. Shooting with an umbrella can be super nice and will also be very relate-able to most of your readers. Windy days can either mess up your hair completely but can also give you the perfect editorial picture. Just go for it and don’t let Mother Nature stop you :-)!

I hope these tips helps guys! If you have some good tips to ask, don’t forget to leave them in the comments. I will do a Q&A in the new year so I can answer a lot more of your questions!

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