What better day to write about blog resolutions than the first day of 2015? I kind of debated on whether I should post this because resolutions are always quite personal but I think, after yesterday’s article it’s actually good to publish it as I probably will feel more pressure to actually work on them all. So here we go:

1. Be less of a perfectionist: I give myself the hardest time and I don’t think I’m ever satisfied with anything I do. It sounds horrible but very true. Sometimes I feel like I take all the fun out of this job because I get so caught up with delivering perfect content so one of my biggest blog solutions should definitely be to try and become less of a perfectionist.

2. Hire someone: Running a blog full time is A LOT of fun but has become more challenging to do by myself these last months. From the financial part, to making sales, to editing, to being creative with styling and content and coming up with new ideas, it takes quite some time. Now I told myself I could only hire someone if blogging had been my full time job for over 12 months and if I could afford it so this is definitely a solution for this year. I find it a bit hard to find the perfect person for this job as there is so much responsibility that comes with it because I have to travel so much but I have good faith it will work out.

3. Reply to more comments: It’s simply impossible to reply to every comment on each social media channel (Lookbook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.) but I do wanna reply to more comments on my blog. I appreciate each and every one of them so much and always read them with a big smile and I think it would made it more fun for you guys if there would be more interaction in the comments section.

4. Lean how to use Photoshop: I feel a little embarrassed for saying this but I don’t know how to use Photoshop. I use Lightroom for my editing at the moment which is usually fine but I really feel I can get more out of the editing pictures so I’m going to take a couple of Photoshop lessons.

5. Add a hotspot category to my blog: I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time but never get around to doing it. Where ever I travel to I always make sure to discover the best hotspots and many of you have been asking advice about this when you guys are traveling to a city. From now on I will write down a report on my favorite hotspots and add them to the city in the hotspot category once I finish my article.

6. Make more videos: I’ve been seeing this one on more blog these last days but I also would love to do more videos. As photography is my biggest passion I really like the aspect of giving more ‘life’ to the blog by making videos. Due to a fun collaboration you can already expect two videos on the blog in January now I just have to stick to it and continue this throughout the rest of the year!

Now guys, please let me know your resolutions, I love reading them! See you tomorrow, I will be posting my first Dubai outfit post!

Disclaimer: header image found on Weheartit