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Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Q&A and since the last time I’ve done it and now so much changed! I noticed in my Google Analytics that many of you looked for Q&A in the search bar and I’ve also been getting many questions on my socials and e-mails. I should probably make a standard Q&A with the most asked questions and put it somewhere here but for now you can ask me anything! I’ll leave the post open for a couple of days and will write a big article and will answer all your questions! Can’t wait to read what you guys wanna know!

  • Liz

    why did you decide to start to blog

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  • This is such a wonderful idea! My question: How is your ‘typical’ day structured? What are your morning and evening routines, if any?

    Looking forward to reading your answers!

  • Hello! What’s your best tip for new bloggers?


  • Great idea!
    What item in your wardrobe is your favorite?

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  • I know every blogger says that daylight is the best lighting but it’s not always the most realistic for those that have full time jobs. What lighting-if any- do you use or suggest using for artificial lighting options?

    Looking forward to the answer!

  • What set up do you use when taking your photographs?

  • Hi Beauty!

    First congratulation for the good work! I would be glad to know what camera and lens do you use and how you edit them? Your photos are absolutely amazing!


  • Macy

    This is nice! I would like to know what your favorite airline is :-)?

  • Tia

    So glad that you’re doing a Q&A post! My question is what makes you interested in reading someone’s blog? Thank you! xx

  • Hi gurl,
    My question has to do with visibility. You started your blog in 2013 and have managed to grow it. what advice would you give a new blogger in terms of visibility.

  • Lee

    Hello! My question is: Where do you get your inspiration for new content? What makes you decide to write a certain post? Thank you!

  • Hej, I’d like to know how people around you (family, friends) reacted when you decided to make blogging your full time job.
    Finishing my studies this summer, I have the feeling that my parents don’t want me to start my own thing….

  • Salma van der Ven

    What’s your favorite food? <3

  • How do you structure your day? To make sure you get everything done? And how much time to relax do you plan?

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  • Petroch

    Love your adidas sneakers 🙂
    Which do you prefer – your superstars or stan smith’s??
    And what size are you?

  • Great idea! 🙂
    My question: What do you do in terms of diet and exercize?
    Thank you!


  • Zaina

    I moved to à new place and Will have my personal wardrobe.
    Im planning to buy à closet, and i see everywhere an open closet.. But for me iT looks meesy and not realy easy against the dust..
    Can you tell me why does the bloggers choose an open closet 🙂

  • Is there a site the crispy and cleanly explains Google Analytics. Is there anything else you recommend on for tracking stats or growing readership?

  • Hi!

    Firstly, I love your blog and secondly, thank you for doing a Q&A! When you first started blogging, other than promote your blog via twitter or Instagram etc, how did you accumulate a solid following of readers? Did you focus more on creating great content or did you focus on promoting your blog through social media channels more?

    Totes & Teas

  • Pia

    How do you (if at all) plan blog posts?

    Love your blog <3 Keep up the awesomeness xx

  • Who takes your photos and how do you not feel embarrassed to take them? xx

    Blog Marjorie

  • Would you ever have anybody do a guest post?

  • Monika

    How much networking did you do and how to improve your visibility online?


  • It is super exciting that you’re doing a Q&A and I was just wondering how you got up the courage to ask your friends/family/boyfriend to help you with taking pictures? It seems like such an awkward question to ask, and I’m still trying to pep myself up to say “Hey can you take pictures of me in this outfit” without feeling like I’m self-centered…

  • kim

    In your opinion, what is the strongest method (other than obviously the great content you produce) to increase followers both on your blog and social media channels?

    Thank you,