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It’s that time again to share another one of my favorite type of posts: a travel diary. I really like creating these articles as I feel like I can give more depth and feel into my lifestyle and I love giving hotspot tips! I felt so mesmerized browsing through the gazillion images I took in Dubai.. We had such a wonderful time and I gained some memories I will keep with me for a long time. I probably say this about all my travels but I always remember my experiences very vividly as I feel like these years of traveling are so special. Now I told you before we got quite adventurous during this trip and tried out lots of new things! These new things combined with my ‘previous’ experiences ended up in a list of tips and things I wanted to share. But above all I wanted to share all these wonderful images that hopefully capture the vibe and lifestyle of Dubai. Enjoy!


Qbara: our friends took us here one night and I have just one word: WOW! From the astonishing interior of the restaurant to the Arabic heritage food, it was just all so good. My top recommendation for sure in Dubai now. We always used to visit the more well known restaurants such as Nobu but this one is definitely the new favorite.

– Maya: my favorite food on Planet Earth is Mexican so whenever I get a recommendation about a good Mexican I’ll make sure to get there and get my hands on the first guacamole coming out of the kitchen. Maya didn’t disappoint and the chicken fajita was just as good as in my dreams.

– Clinton Street Bakery: this cute bakery opened first in Manhattan and they make the best baked goodies ever! We had the eggs benedict which is in one of the pictures and it was divine. New York Magazine even voted the blueberry pancakes best in the city in NY. Of course they made sure the quality is as good in Dubai as New York so I can definitely recommend going here for breakfast, lunch or brunch!

– Provocateur: we were in Dubai during New Years Eve as well and we danced all night at newly opened club Provocateur. It’s a very exclusive club, also based in New York, and the design and music of the club is ab-so-lute-ly amazing. My top recommendation for a fun night of clubbing!


– Visit the Miracle Garden Dubai: As a flower obsessive person I found out about this garden after a Google search session of cool things to do in Dubai. After just one glimpse of what this looked liked I couldn’t wait to get myself in the taxi to get to this place ASAP. It’s just one big dream and I couldn’t stop taking pictures. It literally is a botanical Disneyland!

– Take a trip to the desert: you have to be very adventurous to go on a trip like this because usually this includes dune bashing, camel rides, sand boarding and a bunch of other crazy activities. The desert is beautiful and it’s a fun little getaway from the Dubai life.

– Visit the Mall of the Emirates: Of course this mall is a big tourist attraction but nonetheless I would say: just go! It’s an absolute shopping walhalla (the stores are open until 2 AM) and it holds every brand that exists in the world (not exaggerating here).

– Go to the top of the Burj Khalifa: many of you might already know that the Burj Kahlifa is the tallest building on planet earth so if your not afraid of heights (like me, boooo) go there and enjoy the crazy view!

– Visit the old town of Dubai and the souks and take a trip on the river: I already posted a little bit about this day here but this was one of my favorite things we did and my boyfriend had this day on the top of his list as well. I dreamed of visiting the souks and I think the oldest one in Dubai is here. I also really enjoyed hopping on an old wooden boat at sunset and paddling through the mesmerizing town.

– Visit Dubai between January and March: lastly, I surely recommend visiting Dubai between January and March. The weather is very, very comfortable, the flight prices are quite alright and it’s not as busy as you’d think. The sunsets are also to die for around this time of year as you might see in my upcoming editorials!

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