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It’s time to answer all the questions you send me! I received about 100 questions on my blog, Instagram and e-mail, so thanks for sending them guys! I’m answering the most common ones and of course all the fun ones! I hope I don’t bore you too much with them! If there’s anything else you want to know just leave a questions in the comment sections. Enjoy!

1. Why did you decide to start to blog?

It wasn’t a big decision or anything I planned on doing specifically. When I was in university I used to go on tours and travel with my boyfriend all the time and so I always used to share my pictures from all over the world on Facebook. One day I thought it would be cool to share them on a blog so my Facebook friends wouldn’t get tired of me posting so much and Queen of Jet Lags was born!

2. How is your ‘typical’ day structured? What are your morning and evening routines, if any?

If I’m at home which is not too often as you guys know I usually work in the office all day. I would typically wake up around 7.30 AM and go through all my socials and drink coffee. I usually have breakfast at 9 and work in the office until 7PM. Depending on the day I often have to go out to shoot, to meetings or fittings in between. I don’t really have an evening routine and to be honest, I usually work all night as well or just get lost on the internet. I always have dinner with my boyfriend though and before we go to sleep we always watch some series together.

3. What’s your best tip for new bloggers?

Be nice, enjoy blogging, be patient and focus on creating the best content possible. If you search for blogtips in my search bar you will be able to read many articles with tips about this subject!

4. What item in your wardrobe is your favorite?

It changes every other second but right now I’m loving my Jimmy Choo Marlin boots and my Stella McCartney platforms.


5. I know every blogger says that daylight is the best lighting but it’s not always the most realistic for those that have full time jobs. What lighting-if any- do you use or suggest using for artificial lighting options?

I know it’s the worst! I also have days where I’m stuck working on deadlines in the office all day and I have a deadline of something I really have to shoot. Firstly I adjust my settings on my camera to more blue tones. This helps so much! I also put my aperture on 1.4 which creates a dreamy effect and always looks good. Next to that I try to create as much light as possible so that it seems like everything was shot in daylight. I also do a LOT in Afterlight, the most important and main thing I do here is to get most of the warmth out of the picture and to saturate a little less.

6. What camera and lens do you use and how you edit them? Your photos are absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much! I’m currently working with a Canon 7D and mostly use my 85mm 1.4 lens!

7. What is your favorite airline?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because I think some airlines are better for long haul flights and others are better for shorter flights. In general I always try to fly British Airways but I also really like Emirates.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 00_Fotor

8. My question is what makes you interested in reading someone’s blog?

I really like this question, it was one of my favorites as it’s so interesting to find out, so I have to return this question to you guys! I personally get interested in reading someone’s blog if that person has a likeable personality, so I have to enjoy the text of the blog and there has to be amazing photography of course!

9. You started your blog in 2013 and have managed to grow it. What advice would you give a new blogger in terms of visibility?

Don’t be lazy about social media and literally use EVERY single social media you think works. My blog grew SO much because of Lookbook but I was active everywhere, on Pose, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you name it! It’s also good to check out fashion forums and to see if you can share your blog pictures. It seems like a lot of work but I think this is the best way to become visible. A lot of people will tell you to visit a lot of events but I personally never did this because I’m usually on the go and traveling so I’m not sure if this will increase your blog visibility, but I’m guessing this will work too.

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10. Where do you get your inspiration for new content? What makes you decide to write a certain post?

Everywhere! Of course because of my traveling I feel inspired all the time but you guys are also quite inspiring! If I get requests I usually try to do something fun with it and of course if I’m passionate about something I’ll share it on my blog.

11. I’d like to know how people around you (family, friends) reacted when you decided to make blogging your full time job. Finishing my studies this summer, I have the feeling that my parents don’t want me to start my own thing….

I believe that most parents want the best for their kids so I’m sure yours are like that too! However, if I would’ve told my parents the first day of blogging that it was going to be my full time job they wouldn’t have been happy. You always need some proof to show them this is something you’re good at and that this is truly what you want to do. I think the thought of full time blogging kind of grew gradually with my parents and with me as well. At one point it just became impossible to combine everything and I was making more than a full time income and that’s when I decided to take the jump to become a full time blogger. I think my parents both really like it although they still think it’s a strange job from time to time.

12. What’s your favorite food?

Mexican! Nothing a good guacamole can’t fix!

13. What do you do in terms of diet and exercise?

Eat guacamole! No I’m kidding. I actually eat pizza and fries. I don’t follow any diet and I don’t work out. I’m not very proud to say this but I never felt the need to watch my food or to work out until recently. I hope to find the motivation this year to start working out and when I do I will keep you all updated of course!

14. Would you ever have anybody do a guest post?

Yes, I’m for sure open for it but I don’t think the time is right yet! My blog is so personal at the moment and I really feel like it’s my universe so I’m not sure where a guest blogger would fit in right now! Maybe I can find a fun healthy girl to post about workouts and diets as I’m not really good with that?

15. It is super exciting that you’re doing a Q&A and I was just wondering how you got up the courage to ask your friends/family/boyfriend to help you with taking pictures? It seems like such an awkward question to ask, and I’m still trying to pep myself up to say “Hey can you take pictures of me in this outfit” without feeling like I’m self-centered…

This was actually one of the most asked questions. This is also a things that grew quite gradually. If I look at my first outfit pictures I can definitely tell I wasn’t feeling very comfortable. My boyfriend takes most of my pictures and as I feel really comfortable with him I usually don’t mind, especially because we’ve been doing this for a while now. The only thing you can do really is just ask people and just do it! Of course it’s always a bit awkward in the beginning but you will get used to it and once you’re receiving nice comments about your pictures you will get more motivated and confident to ask people for help.

16. Do you take pictures every morning and post them? Where do you get your inspiration?

For Instagram I usually take pictures every day! I always think of fun things I want to share and the nice thing about Instagram is that you can edit and post your shots right away. For my blog and outfits I always schedule everything. I look at the weather forecasts and always think of my favorite outfits that might be fun and inspiring for you to see! I get inspiration from scrolling through Pinterest, from looking at streetstyle all around the world and from watching fashion shows!