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Hey guys! Last week I visited Berlin on a trip I took with Samsonite. I thought it would be fun to take you all more into the process of the whole travel experience by also sharing the preparations for a city trip like this! I came up with a couple of cool tips and tricks to use whenever you travel! We even made a video of me packing (check it out!) in my lovely house in Amsterdam.

For me, growing up in the Netherlands, I always thought of Berlin as one of the most stigmatized cities in Europe. In the Netherlands it’s known for its crazy party scene, the infamous hipsters and its cultural heritage. As a Museology (no, not Musicology) student, Berlin was always on display during ethic classes and we did quite some case studies on the heritage and history of this city. So much that our university had a course where we were required to go on a field trip to Berlin. I ended up as the only one not going, but a year after I graduated I had to go to Berlin for fashion week and other work related things every now and then. For this trip though, I really wanted to visit some things such as Checkpoint Charlie and I just had to go shopping at Bikini Berlin, a very quirky shopping mall! You can read up on everything I did in Berlin on the Tips2Go travel page.

I often go on these quick trips, at least 20 (whoops) times in a year, so I guess I picked up a trick or two when it comes to packing. Here are some of my favorite packing tips:

1. Keep blouses in the right shape and especially the collar without the risk of creasing or breaking – you can fill up the neck with scarves and socks.

2. Always put heavy items, such as shoes on the bottom and make sure to put shirts and light items on top!

3. To get a bit of that luxurious feeling I like to put tissues between knitwear and delicate shirts. I read this tip ages ago and still do it every now and then plus I always get the feeling as if I’ve been shopping.

4. Roll your t-shirts instead of the traditional folding technique, this gives that extra space which we all want right?

Are you excited to go on a city trip like this one to Berlin as well? We have a very fun giveaway on the Samsonite Tips2Go website so you all can get a head start with some fresh travel gear :-).

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