So today I decided to not sugarcoat things but to write an article with things no one will tell you about blogging. For the biggest part, blogging is absolutely wonderful and amazing but of course, like with any job, there’s also a part people won’t tell you much about, so there’s me, giving you a little more insight!

1. Blogging takes time, a lot of time: I guess most bloggers are more than aware of this fact, but non blogger surely aren’t. As you all know I travel a lot, which is 99% for work and I can’t tell you how many times I get asked the question: ‘How was your holiday’ or ‘Are you going on a holiday again’? To run a successful blog you have to work your butt off. Truth, there’s always 1 % who get’s lucky and just growths out of the blue and has the gift to turn everything into gold they touch but the most of us have to continuously renew ourselves, develop new skills and be the best we could at our blogging job seven days a week.

2. There’s no security: As blogging is still a relatively new job there’s very little security. We don’t know what will happen in the future and if blogging will be a sustainable business yet we invest a lot of ourselves and time into it.

3. Growth is hard: In the saturated blogging market that we’re in it’s very unlikely your blog will grow right away. I have to be honest and say I got quite lucky with the growth of my blog but I realize this only happens to very few people. You have to work hard everyday to keep your growth going. I’m not just talking about traffic and

4. You are the team: Unless you’re one of the top 100 bloggers of the world it is very likely you run your blog by yourself which means you are:
– a stylist
– a writer
– a graphic designer
– a fashion editor
– an accountant
– a sales person
– a socialite
– a photographer
– a webdesigner

5. You’re not just writing for yourself: It’s always nice when people tell you, this is your blog, you only have to do things if you feel like it. I think that (especially) when this becomes your full time job you also have to keep in mind that you have a LOT of readers who are excited to read new articles every day.

This article isn’t meant to let you know that blogging is difficult but it is a reality check for some people as the current view on blogging is getting a little out of hand with everyone showing their perfect lives. So just letting you know that no matter what you think of it, it’s not as easy as it seems. It is however, as fun as it seems ;-).