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One of my personal resolutions this year was to get more organized. With a super busy schedule and an itinerary with more airport visits than an average flight attendant I came to the conclusion that I needed to change my organization process. I try to do this in many ways: I’m (trying) to keep my closet tidy, I’m planning my blogposts ahead and another thing I recently thought of trying is making a blogging calendar. This will be a calendar with the main events and directions of the year that I will hang in my office. So now that I’m working on it I thought I’d share the process as this might come in handy for everyone. I’m taking these steps in creating the calendar:

1. Find a cool design of a calendar that your can edit or print out: I searched for ‘blogging calendar’ on Google and Pinterest and found many cute ones! I’m sure that if you find a nice one you’re even more motivated to work it. For the designers under us you can, of course, also design your own.

2. Start out with writing down all the festive themed days which you will feature on your blog: The first way to structure your blogging calendar is to write down all the holidays or festive days which you will include in your blog. Last year I always got super stressed around all the festive days like Valentine’s day, Easter and Christmas because of other deadlines. I barely had any time to work on festive themed posts and I felt very disappointed because of that.

3. Block out fashion week season: especially for the fashion bloggers who visit all the international fashion weeks this is important. Sometimes I even forget that this takes up so much time in a year and it is key to schedule these weeks like a maniac. Before you know it there’s another month gone.

4. Figure out your blogging schedule: This one will probably take the most time. Decide what your goals are regarding to posting. How many times a week do you think is reasonable to post for you? As blogging is my personally job I try to post every day and I structure my schedule by things such as blogtips on Wednesdays, inspiration on Saturdays and so on. If you have a structure like this you can start writing this all down in your year calendar which will make it easier to work ahead and to know what you’re working on every week.

5. Holiday: last but not least, don’t forget to give yourself at least a week holiday a year! As the blogging world is 24/7 it’s very important to do this but you have to schedule all your posts in advance. If you know when your holiday will be you know when to start scheduling your blogposts and work towards your holiday!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and just to let you know, any organizational tips are always welcome!


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