As a frequent flyer and traveler I often get asked how I afford to travel this much and if I have any tips on how to do this. I’ve been very lucky to have such an amazing job which allows me to travel this often and I picked up quite some tips along the way in making traveling feel very luxurious, even if you’re on a budget. I hope you like them:

1. Bring your own scented candle to a hotel: Whenever I travel alone I always try to bring little things that remind me of home. I think bringing a scentled candle can really capture a homey feeling and makes your room, no matter where you stay, so much more cozy. Of course I don’t take huge scented candles but very small ones are very easy to throw in your purse or hand luggage!

2. Wear luxurious materials: I’ve read this tip in a magazine ages ago and immediately felt the need to start doing this. Now I always try to wear nice materials when I travel because it feels more comfortable and also more luxurious. I especially like to get cozy and completely wrap a scarf all around me, so I usually take a big silk or cashmere scarf that can function as a blanket too.

3. Download movies or series: How nice is it to know you can always watch your favorite series or movies where ever you are? Whenever I go on a work trip I get a very luxurious feeling when I get back to the hotel room and lay down to watch some series (chocolate always included of course).

4. Decorate your hotel room: Whenever I enter a hotel room I feel the urge to redecorate it within seconds. And no, I don’t move the furniture around but I do always try to make a place my own. In the bathroom I always start to place my make-up in a nice way. I always get a water glass out of the room and put all my make-up brushes in that glass and I always like to place my perfume somewhere in the middle as the eye catcher. Another thing I also do right away is to find a small table in the room and start laying out all the jewelry I took with me. This tip is my favorite thing to do for sure!

5. Bring cute headphones on the plane: I absolutely feel lost without my headphones. Whenever I get cramped up in a busy plane I really like to turn on some nice music and zone out. When I’m in a hotel room I always use headphones to watch a movie or listen to music. Lately I’ve been really liking to accessorize my look at the airport with cute headphones and this makes traveling even more fun I think!

6. Buy magazines: I also get a very cozy feeling from knowing I have magazine in my handbag. I usually buy Elle or Vogue at the airport whenever I fly somewhere. This also comes in handy at point 4, laying down a magazine with some cute jewelry on it will for sure make your hotel room look more glamorous!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these tips and like them! What do you all do to make your travels feel more luxurious? I would love to know!


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