Happy Wednesday everyone! I just realized I’ve been doing these blogtips for over 6 months now and posted every Wednesday ever since I started. You guys have been so thankful and give me the best feedback every Wednesday, so thank you! Today’s article is dedicated to tips for beginning bloggers:

1. Use WordPress: I would say, if you start a blog, start it off right away with using WordPress! All full time bloggers I know use this because it has great usability and if you start out with something that might seem easier to start with than WordPress you will just get yourself in trouble if you want to switch later on!

2. Mingle: you always need supporters to grow as a blogger so it’s nice to start mingling and meet other bloggers (online or offline) as soon as you can. Together you’re stronger and you can share all your tips and tricks with each other. Through mingling you might meet the right PR people which can give you invites to events where you can even network more.

3. Learn about photography: The first thing when you want to start a good blog is to learn as much as possible about photography. Make a moodboard of how you want your pictures to look like and find out how to achieve the photography you like. Don’t be lazy on this one as this is mostly the first impression people will get from your blog.

4. Find your niche: This one might be hard to do when you’re just a beginning blogger but the sooner you find your niche, the better. Once you show your niche to everyone you will build a loyal readership that really read your blog because they specifically like what you’re doing.

5. Keep it simple: Don’t try to overcompensate on styling, amount of posting or anything. You will be appreciated most when you just keep things simple. This way people know what to expect when they visit your blog, a quality that is appealing to everyone.

6. Have some patience: I’ve said it before and have to say it again: have patience! It is very unlikely your blog will explode right away but with a good amount of work and dedication it will surely grow eventually! I know we all want a million followers on Instagram within a week but patience is everything in life (I still tell myself this everyday).

7.  Don’t feel the pressure to post everyday: Especially when you just start out with blogging you shouldn’t be posting everyday because the quality of your content will probably suffer from the quantity of uploading. When I started out I posted three posts a month and slowly got to a schedule where I posted every other day. When I started to post every other day my blog started to grow because I think readers like to know when they can go to your blog for new content and like to know if there’s some sort of routine in your posting schedule, just give yourself some time first to develop some blogging skills. As blogging is my full time job now I post every day but it took me a long time to get here.

8. Write for yourself first: For the authenticity of your blog it is very important to write for yourself first. If you write for yourself and others like it you get into a really good position where you can be the true voice of your blog. If you see yourself as your target group and write about what goes on in your world I believe you will show the right spirit through your blog.

9. Invest time: A good blog doesn’t exist out of nowhere. It takes so much time to develop your skills, to write good articles, to create good content, to get inspired with new ideas. If you want to do this fast you should really look for another hobby or job because you just have to invest a lot of time in blogging. Trust me, it’s worth all of it but don’t see blogging as something you will do as an easy job.

10. Have fun: last but most certainly not least, don’t forget to have fun! The things you will experience through blogging are so special so don’t forget to enjoy it to the fullest!

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