Happy Wednesday! I think all of us bloggers are constantly looking for ways to improves ourselves no matter what level in the blogosphere we’ve reached. So today I came up with my list of top 10 tips in becoming a better blogger! Hope you guys learn something and don’t forget to share your own tips!

1. Get to know your followers: Without knowing who your followers are it’s impossible to build a loyal readership with them and reach a good interaction and synergy. It’s very good to ask questions in your posts from time to time and do a Q&A every now and then!

2. Schedule: To be on time with everything and stay up to date with your socials it’s very smart to take one or two weekly moments and start to schedule all your posts in WordPress and everything else on socials. I do this on my Facebook page and recently started using Tweetdeck for Twitter. I’ve also heard really good stories about Buffer where you can control and schedule all your socials.

3. Boost your traffic with a top 10 list post: One of the secrets most people won’t tell you about is that you can really boost your traffic with a good top 1o list post. If you go through my top 10 posts of all time you will see that they’re all posts with lists. I still get a good amount of visitors everyday on my older top 10 lists posts so if I won’t post a day my traffic still remains quite good.

4. Consistency: it’s very important for both the blogger and reader to have a rhythm so your readers (and you) know what to expect and when to expect something new!

5. Work on a nice, clean blog design: First impressions are very important so be sure that you make your first time visitors become frequent visitors! A clean and clear blog design helps with this a lot. If I feel like a blog looks messy I’d be more tempted to leave than when I’m on a gorgeous clean website.

6. Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to track if your blog is growing, why it’s growing and to see which posts are doing great and which are not doing really well. A lot of people also write down their following numbers in an excel spread in the beginning of each month to track which medium is growing and how fast it’s growing.

7. Use the same editing/writing style: This is also very important in your relationship with your readers, this way your readers will probably feel like they get to know you better which makes them more willing to come back to your blog. You always want to stay up to date with someone you know and like, right?

8. Join Facebook groups: it’s nice to share your updates from your blog in a specific community where people come to look for blogs like yours. Facebook has a LOT of groups so take a look around and you will surely find some groups that fit you and your blog!

9. Set out a road-map with goals and follow them: Think of where you wanna go with your blog and which steps you want to take in getting there. Don’t make the steps to time consuming or big, but make them realistic so you can follow up and actually reach your goals.

10. Don’t forget to use good photos: I mentioned this last week but it’s so important to use attracting pictures in every post (especially as a header for your RSS feed). How often do you click on a post without seeing an image?


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