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Hello from New York. It is extremely cold, I’m not talking about a little chilly, but more of a ‘omg I’m going to die if I stay outside for 2 more seconds’ type of cold. I surely wasn’t build for this. What I was build for on the other hand is traveling so I guess I should be a big girl and zip the complains about the cold. But just to let you know, when these pictures were shot it was -16 and windy. Yes, can you imagine the feel of that wind? The thing that got me through this week is this incredibly warm coat that my little life saver Rebecca lend me as the good friend that she is!

On a more positive note: inside all the fashion weeks areas it’s very comfortable and warm so under the big coats we can still wear something cool without looking like a teddy bear all day. This day I decided to wear this long dress from Drykorn which I absolutely adore because of the amazing marble print. I’m off to see some shows now but I’ll be back soon with more updates!

Dress: Drykorn Boots: Laurence Dacade

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