Another cold day in New York got me excited to wear this two piece Avelon suit. I wish I could’ve shown the design of the top without the coat (also Avelon) but don’t want to sound like a broken record but the cold, the cold!

I have such a scary story to tell btw.. I’m SUPER scared of mice and rats (aren’t we all) and yesterday when I got home after hosting an event I heard something and I saw a little mouse walking through the living room. After hysterically screaming for about 5 minutes I called my friend Tess who was a little life saver and came to my house with her cat! Now her cat is still her, protecting me against these scary animals while my boyfriend is in Switzerland. Not sure why I’m sharing this but that’s how my weekend is going :-). What have you all been up to? And what do you guys think of this outfit?



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